Sri Sai Satcharitra

download Sri Sai Satcharitra in English.pdf-full

Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita“: English translation by Zarine from 2004.

-traditional 'Ovi'-meter, 796 pages, 55 downloads in pdf

downloaddownload Sri Sai Satcharitra in English.pdf-1944

English translation by Nagesh V. Gunaji from 1944.

– 245 pages, many unclear passages

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on the basis of the translation from 1944

-read about the Dutch translation of the Sri Sai Satcharitra: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-read here about the translation of the Sri Sai Satcharitra in Dutch: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai


download Sri Sai Satcharitra in English.pdf

The Sri Sai Satcharitra ("The pure life and righteous actions of Lord Sai '), here in the translation by V. Gunaji from 1947, is the best-known biography of Shirdi Sai Baba, by his follower Hemadpant.

In 1926, eight years after the passing of Shirdi Sai Baba, his follower Hemadpant completed the collection of stories he called 'Sri Sai Satcharitra'. It was a book in devotional style, with verses in the traditional 'Ovi' meter. Shirdi Sai had personally commanded him to collect these stories, and told him that his life story would write itself through Hemadpant.

For Sai Baba it must have been of great importance that this project was undertaken, for he emphasized several times that the positive emotions experienced by the sincere listener, will elevate and liberate the listener. It is typical of Sai Baba: in that it was not about spreading his own fame here, but about elevating his devotees.

This is why the Sri Sai Satcharitra has not become an aloof or scientifically approved biography. Hemadpant does relate the stories of the devotees without much decoration, but often those stories are confusing and moving, and at the same time Hemadpant repeatedly calls the reader to surrender to Lord Sai.

The Sri Sai Satcharitra is generally recommended to be read in seven days. Hence the name "Seven Days Shirdi Sai '.
All these stories can also be found in translation in the book 'Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai’.