Shirdi Sai Baba plants trees

A newly planted but drying out apple tree in my garden reminded me of the following story of Shirdi Sai Baba:

Dried trees


Purandare loved Baba as himself. When Baba suffered from something, he felt the pain in his own heart. It grieved him that Baba had to walk in the blazing sun to the Chávadi building or Lendi garden every day. With great difficulty, he hauled a few saplings from Mumbai, he wanted to plant them along the path so that Baba could walk in the shade. But Baba forbade him to plant them, and within three days the trees hung limp. Purandare was very sad when he saw them in that condition. Baba, who obviously knew, lovingly called Purandare and asked if he still wanted to plant them, but he replied that the trees had completely dried out. "That doesnt matter," said Baba, "Don't worry. Plant them anyway, even though they are dried. I will give them life. "Purandare planted them with dedication. They were blessed with the rain of Baba's grace and began to grow. ' Baba is almighty,' Purandare thought. Even today you can see these trees in Shirdi.

I used to think this was one of Baba's many miracles, until I read the story of an Austrian peasant revolutionary, Sepp Holzer. In his book Holzer's Permaculture’ he tells how he discovered as a child that desiccated trees without leaves begin to take root again. He explains how his "shock method works:

Holzer's shock method

tree planting‘… Later I on the basis of this experience, my shock method’ developed. It is an emergency measure to bare-root anyway transplanting trees with a poorly developed root system, even if they are already in full leaf, bloom or bear fruit. I put the trees to begin in the sun and let the leaves wither. The roots must of course be covered, because they can not tolerate sun. For that I use wet burlap sacks. In order to dry the leaves quickly, should be no water trees. The jute bags ensure that the roots do not dry out, but do not provide sufficient water for the leaves.

After a day or two the leaves are dried up, and the trees can be planted in their new place. And I add them again no water. The only protection they get is a layer of mulch, to keep the soil moist. On the Krameterhof I can not give all the trees water; there is no start.

Trees have been planted by this method quickly develop new, fibrous roots, which they can absorb water and nutrients back. They may be the earlier, lean period endured because they have no leaves and fruits that they should provide more. However, when I a tree with leaves and fruits would not water plants and would give, then it would use all his energy to keep its leaves. The roots were hungry and the tree would grow thereby go bad – as the dat ever doen al zou. Such a tree is like a cut flower: getting plenty of water, but can hardly save themselves. The trees, according to my shock method’ treated, however, focus on the development of their root system and run again only when they have the energy for it. Such trees are so educated to lead an independent life.

According to this method, I have over the years planted thousands of trees. For example, from nurseries I bought very cheap remnants on, that would otherwise simply shredded or burned, and then planted them according to this' shock method’ from me. In my experience, the best place, the space between the raised beds. There gathers most of the moisture causing the trees quickly recuperate.

Two or three years later, the trees are so well developed that I can stick them with a root ball and replant or sell. For example, an experience from my childhood for good business care.’

from: Sepp Holzer- Holzer's permacultuur

Ignorance and miracles

On my own apple trees I've applied by removing all drying leaves, there watering though no more help. Indeed, no additional water the trees began to turn new leaf and double strong comeback. I knew that trees after 24 June locust lots can create, but this is so when planting trees verdrogende.

This story made me realize that we all too soon expect a miracle, but the real main concern is to break the ignorance. Alone with his deeper understanding and greater knowledge Shirdi Sai Baba could bring this fact. And perhaps this is not the case with all the miracles? Would not all of these cases involve a transcendent insight, which Shirdi Baba the disease took away, the dedicated protected or his blessing did come down?

The Indian Wisdom, en Sai033 floral water Baba taught his devotees nothing, teaches us time and again that we allow to stay on the level of our consciousness the illusion of Mayan, while essentially Divine Consciousness: We are the Atma.

If our own limited sense his hold on the restricted state is released and allows the vibrational energy goes to our actual, Actual Situation Awareness, than likely all those things that we now describe as miracles, happen to us as a natural expression of our Divine Self.

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