Book Seven days Shirdi Sai

 boek Shirdi Sai Baba. Bestel hier! 480 pagina's dik.Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba-

the Dutch biography of Shirdi Sai Baba

Paperback, 480 pagina's en 166 images, 17 x 24 cm


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boek Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai: de Nederlandstalige biografie van Shirdi Sai Baba. Bestel hier! 480 pagina's dik.What is in?

"Seven days Shirdi Sai’ is to start a translation of Sai Baba's biography Sri Sai Satcharitra in contemporary Dutch. All stories Hemadpant it and wrote almost all his invocations and devotional interludes are included in the translation; only a few repetitions have been omitted.

Besides the book includes many other stories, which have been described by other devotees. Especially of books Narasimha Swamiji will form an important source. The new edition has been fully revised and expanded reprint; The book is supplemented by a number of lesser-known stories. Stories mainly Jyotindra Tarkhad and Raghuvir Purandare, but also from other devotees. The entire text has been completely revised, complemented and extended with historical data and a lot of background material, making it clearer how life in the time at Shirdi Baba coming Toeging.

What is not in?

What may not be able to be partly verhalen van Das Ganu from his book Sri Sai Gurucharitra’. Das Ganu has some of his stories combined into long discourses about the purpose of life, and those attributed to Shirdi Sai Baba. Because Baba also never held such long discourses, I have these stories not included in the book. But because they also very interesting, I have two of those stories or on this website put, here so that they are available to the reader.


The book contains a large number of images in black and white, especially all known original pictures of Shirdi Sai Baba itself. These are all included in the book, and along with all kinds of pictures of Baba's devotees, buildings and objects of Shirdi Baba, this gives a very clear picture of Baba's time atmosphere and environment. On this website and op Wikipedia I have many of these pictures uploaded for everyone's use.

boek Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai: de Nederlandstalige biografie van Shirdi Sai Baba. Bestel hier! 480 pagina's dik. ISBN 978-90-76407-40-1 published by Publisher Tattwa

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The Path of the Guru

boek Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai: de Nederlandstalige biografie van Shirdi Sai Baba. Bestel hier! 480 pagina's dik.

Shirdi Sai Baba on his begging round

For his followers, Sai Baba of Shirdi was (1835-1918) a Avatar:

God incarnates on earth to uplift humanity spiritually. In this book are many stories in which devotees pooled their experiences with Shirdi Sai have shown. This explains directly the tone of this book: devotioneel, calling for surrender to the guru.

Not only the stories are varied, the character of Shirdi Sai Baba himself knew many often contradictory aspects. Thus, a picture emerges of a highly versatile teacher, who did not care about fame or ostentation, but worked tirelessly to elevate his devotees.

An intriguing, historical book, that invites the reader naturally and take in the life of Sai Baba of Shirdi.


First edition

an image to a translation into a book

-by Satrughna-

boek Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai: de Nederlandstalige biografie van Shirdi Sai Baba. Bestel hier! 480 pagina's dik.

the cover of the first edition (now sold out)

In 2004 published the book "Seven Days Shirdi Sai '.

This book is a description of the life of Sai Baba of Shirdi, based on, among other things his biographySri Sai Satcharitra’.

It's all a bit strange at the time elapsed. Al in 1997 had Swami Gopala Krishna namely asked me to make a marble statue of Shirdi Sai Baba, for in a temple. Now I'm sculptor, but this was a little too much for me at that time. In 2003 However, I noticed that the time was approaching and to prepare me for I wanted to immerse myself in the person Shirdi Sai, because I felt I had to know it thoroughly, I did some justice to him. I had the 'Satcharitra' already read, but it was stuck with me especially the incomprehensible Baba's actions, and it had not led to his person to me a deeper understanding.

The Satcharitra is known that whoever reads this book in seven days with attention and devotion, will be an experience of Shirdi Sai Baba blessed. Therefore, I first thought I might have to read the book in preparation in seven days, but for such a marble statue, I found that a bit skinny. I then thought about the next story:

beyond the ego

Ch’ing, the head carpenter, was busy cutting a standard wood for musical instruments. When the work was finished, seemed supernatural beauty of execution, and the Prince of Lu asked him: "What is the secret of your art?’

"No secret, Your Highness', Ch'ing replied. "And yet there is something. If I am to make such a standard plan, I make sure that I have my whole life forces in possession. First I put my mind completely to rest. When I have three days persisted in this attitude, I am completely freed from the idea of ​​a possible reward. Five days and I am free from any thought of fame. Seven days and I have the consciousness of my limbs and my physique lost. And, if no thought to the Court's more present in my mind, I am totally focused on my skills and all disturbing influences from outside are gone. And so I come to a forest on the mountain in; I am looking for a suitable tree. He has the required form, subsequently be elaborated. I see the standard in my mind for me and then I go to work. Outside there is nothing. I bring my innate gift related to that of the wood. What you seemed supernatural performance of my work, is due solely to this. " Chuang Tze

(from: Aldous Huxley- The eternal wisdom, publishing Servire, Katwijk 1984)

So I wanted to sculpting! Here is a dream that I expressed twenty years cherish. Therefore I did not settle for just reading the book, I wanted to translate. And pass, I thought, I would Shirdi Baba go well "understand" and I would be better prepared.

My parents went to Puttaparthi, Ashram of the Sathya Sai Baba, and I asked them to take away Satcharitra. However, they came back with a very different book, so many more stories contained that I decided to include this book in translation. So something that originally grew only for my own sunshine (spiritual development) was intended, into a whole project that finally a modest circulation polite: 250 copies.

About reading in seven days

boek Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai: de Nederlandstalige biografie van Shirdi Sai Baba. Bestel hier! 480 pagina's dik.Judging by the title of this book, some think it is an obligation to complete this book in seven days. That is not the case; it's even better book to read than just scribble it down in seven days, fourteen days or more with a lot of attention because the limit must be met.

The title refers to the ancient tradition of 'saptaham', where a holy book is nominated by a reader and a small audience listens attentively. It is the experience that the book is much more intense when the experience is shared with others. Reading is then led to the sharing of insights and experiences. It can also be used as a reason to get clarification of doubts and resistances. Hence the recommendation for the seven-day lecture.

However, there is no 'one right way' or place to read the book, The devotee can read the book on the way he or she wants, together or alone, in seven days or every day a piece of. It is important to read the book with love and attention and concentration, and if the lessons in everyday life are followed, then it will certainly peace, happiness and fulfillment of desires donate. Therefore, reading this book alone is not enough; learned must be put into practice in our daily lives.

If you nevertheless choose to experience the book in seven days, However, as Baba devotee Kaka Dixit insured, God certainly make themselves known to the follower: "God will surely appear at the end of the seventh day, but the devotee must be 'sincere and devout’ his. You do not have to travel to see him so far. God would come here from a distant place? He's here, but only when the dedicated almost bursting with love and devotion, God will manifest for you.’

Kaka Dixit has a vision of Vithala

boek Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai: de Nederlandstalige biografie van Shirdi Sai Baba. Bestel hier! 480 pagina's dik.Sai Baba was very fond of thinking and chanting God's name. He also used to say, "Allah Malik’ (God is King) and he regularly held a namasaptaha, which he constantly made others sing God's name in his presence, en dag night, for a period of seven days.

Once he asked Das Ganu along with the other devotees sing the namasaptaha. The wild that do so, Baba assured him that if it Vithala (Krishna) would appear at the end of the seventh day. When Baba placed his hand on his chest and assured him: 'Vithala will definitely appear at the end of the seventh day, but the devotee must be 'sincere and devout’ his. The Dankapuri of Takurnath, Pawn Hari Vithala and Dwaraka of Krishna is here in Shirdi! You do not have to travel as far to see Dwaraka. Vithala would come here from a distant place? He is here, but only when the dedicated almost bursting with love and devotion, Vithala here will manifest in Shirdi.’

After the seven days had passed and completed saptâha, manifested Vithala indeed a devotee who felt an intense love for him. That morning was Kaka Dixit as usual in meditation and suddenly saw in a vision for themselves Vithala. Then he went to the mosque after, Baba asked him directly: "Is Vithal Patel came? Have you seen him? He is an elusive guy, keep it securely, otherwise he escapes even if you do not pay attention.’

In the afternoon Vithala appeared again; there was a seller who 25 or 30 images of Vithala of Pandharpur had for sale. The image corresponded exactly with the appearance that Kaka had seen in his vision. Kaka delighted bought the picture and put it in his prayer.

(from: Seven days Shirdi Sai – stories about Shirdi Sai Baba)


By putting together, editing and translating the books and stories of Sai Baba of Shirdi, he indeed become nearer and dearer to me a lot. A teacher who is incomprehensible to the slightest furiously went out he was the personification of the ideal guru: sharply against misconduct, vices and missteps, but caring as a mother to his children. He is to me not as unpredictable or incomprehensible more, but someone whom I dare myself to trust.

Now I must confess that I have not read the book in seven days itself. It has given me, by digesting it into pieces, many new insights that I need time to learn to apply.

And the image? "What is in the barrel, sours not,"She used to say all. There is certainly a time when that will be realized, and before that was, I'm still in training every day ....

(update november 2013: meanwhile work on the marble statue of Shirdi Sai Baba in full swing, see here more)

(update januari 2014: The image is completed)

be a fakir

boek Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai: de Nederlandstalige biografie van Shirdi Sai Baba. Bestel hier! 480 pagina's dik.One day Bapu Jog Baba's feet massaged. 'Baba,’ he asked, "Since a long time, and I adore that you. When will my services bear fruit?’ 'Bapu,’ Baba replied, "Eventually all your good and bad karma destroyed. I will be a blessing if you're like me can live independently, if your ego and attachment, can give desire and sensuality on, if you can concentrate on me, a fakir is, a long cloak and lives by begging. If you can get rid of all restrictions and your God with all your heart is, you will realize that you have behaved. services fruit’

This does not mean that we should all be fakirs. Baba said Bapu Jog this he inwardly one with him had to be, like him, then the flower would grow into fruit.

(from: Seven days Shirdi Sai – stories about Shirdi Sai Baba)

The first printing is no longer available. In March 2012 appeared the second, completely revised and expanded edition:

Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba-