Sri Narasimha Saraswati

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The Sri GuruCharitra is the literary example for both the Sri Sai Satcharitra of the Sri Sai Gurucharitra, even the name derived from,. It is the biography of St. Narasimha Saraswati closer by 15e/16e-eeuwse Saraswati Gangadhar.


The book begins as a conversation between a teacher (a disciple of Sri Narasimha Saraswati) en Namdharak. It seems that the fictional character Namdharak ("Namesake") a symbol for the writer Saraswati Gangadhar himself. The writer, in turn, derives its name from the holy Narasimha Saraswati, which he follows Horticultural tradition.

The document is set up in three parts: The first part is about Knowledge (Jnana), The section on Work (Karma), and the third part is about dedication (Bhakti). Chapter 1 is the devotional introduction, chapter 2 through 4 go over the incarnations of Dattatreya, chapter 5 through 10 describe the life of Shripad Vallabha, and Chapter 11 through 52 telling the story of Sri Narasimha Saraswati. The later section added 53 Finally, a summary of the entire book.

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1. Share Knowledge

Chapter 1 describes the various deities and prayers to call them.

Chapter 2 explains how the universe was born, and how the four eras with their specific trends were created.

Chapter 3 describes the story of Ambarisa and Durvas, and how the god Vishnu in ten Avatars descended.

Chapter 4 contains the famous story of the seer Atri, and how his wife Anusuya received their son Dattatreya.

Shripad ShriVallabha

Chapter 5 tells the story of the first incarnation of Dattatreya, Shripad Shri Vallabha in Pithapur.

Chapter 6 describes the birth of Gokarna-Mahabaleshwar, with the story of Ravana, Ganesha en de Shivalingam.

Chapter 7 the sacred Gautama describes the importance of Pithapur.

Chapter 8: Shripad ShriVallabha saves the mother and son who try to kill themselves, and asks the mother to keep the Shanipradosh worship.

Chapter 9: He blesses a washerman that this king will be in the next life, and finally ends his incarnation.

Chapter 10: The Brahmin Vallabhesh is slain by robbers and then brought to life by ShriVallabha.

Shri Narasimha Saraswati

From Chapter 11 and further the life story of Sri Narasimha Saraswati told. He was born in Karanja in Maharashtra by Madhav and Amba, als Shalgramdev Castle Narahara. Narahari eventually Narasimha.

Chapter 12: He leaves home and goes on a pilgrimage to Kashi (Varanasi), where he is inaugurated by Sri Krishna Saraswati in the monk shelf, from whom he derives the second part of his name.

Chapter 13: He comes back to Karanja and cures one Brahmin.

Chapter 15: He asks his students to go on pilgrimage and stay themselves near Parali in Maharashtra.

Chapter 16: He travels to the current Bhilavadi and teaches at a Brahmin there.

Chapter 17: An illiterate brahmin with his blessing wise and knowing.

Chapter 18: The master goes into the house of a poor Brahmin and compassionate decision to take away their poverty. He uproots a beanstalk that the family has to food, and the Brahmin discovered a pot of gold on the spot.

Chapter 19: A description of 64 yogini who pray to the Master and all be blessed. The master leaves Audambar and come to Gangapur in Karnataka.

Chapter 20: He frees a woman of spirit and blesses her, so she gets two sons. If one of them dies, He comforts her with his insights.

Chapter 21: The woman brings the body of the dead child in his. He awakens the child back to life and blesses it with a long life.

Chapter 22: The master makes an old buffalo milk shows.

Chapter 23: Then the king of Gangapur takes him to his palace. Shri Trivikram Bharati, a famous teacher from the village of Kumasi, criticizes him for it.

Chapter 24: The master meets Trivikram Bharati, Identify a disciple of Narasimha Saraswati is.

2. Karmadeel

Chapter 25: Brahmins two days Trivikram Bharati from: they want a written statement in which he admits that they have the Vedas and philosophy defeated him in discussions on all four. The Brahmins are routed to the master.

Chapter 26: The master explains the structure of the Vedas and other issues of, but the Brahmans not listening.

Chapter 27: Therefore, the master eventually raises an untouchable. He leaves his four previous and future lives three show. In one of those lives he is born a brahmin. The master brings ash on his body and asks the untouchable to the Brahmins to discuss the Vedas. The Brahmins give up and be condemned by the master to be carnivorous demons.

Chapter 28: The master deprives the caste to remove knowledge through the axis and sends him home.

Chapter 29: The greatness of the shaft is explained to the student Trivikram Bharati through the story of Vamadeva.

Chapter 30: A woman has lost her husband. The Master comforts her and explains the transience of life from.

Chapter 31: She gets the code of conduct of the devoted wife explained.

Chapter 32: Eventually her husband is blessed and then brought to life.

Chapter 33: The importance of the worship of Rudra is explained on the basis of the famous story about the whore.

Chapter 34: The importance of the worship of Rudra.

Chapter 35: The story of the power of Mrityunjayamantra.

Chapter 36: The path of karma yoga is explained to a Brahmin, and his wife who made him break his vow.

Chapter 37: The master then explains what works a Brahmin should perform.

3. Dedication Part

Chapter 38: With the blessing of the master Brahman Bhaskar feeds more than four thousand people.

Chapter 39: Ganga, the sixty infertile woman Brahman Somnath, is blessed with a daughter and a son.

Chapter 40: The Brahmin Narahari is cured of leprosy. He gets to hear the story of Shabardut and his dedication to the Shivalinga.

Chapter 41: Sayamdev hear about the pilgrimage to Kashi.

Chapter 42: The master asks Sayamdev to do the ritual worship of Ananta, and tells the story;.

Chapter 43: One of the students, de wever Tantu, is transferred to the mountain Srisailam and back.

Chapter 44: The Brahmin Nandi is cured of leprosy.

Chapter 45: The master meets the poet Narahari and makes him his apprentice.

Chapter 46: During Diwali festival, he visits all seven students and at the same time remain in the monastery behind.

Chapter 47: The poor farmer Parwateshwar get the blessing of the master a huge yield.

Chapter 48: The master talks about the importance of the confluence of the River Amaraja, and cures his own sister of leprosy.

Chapter 49: The importance of the Guru-gita and the manner of recitation is explained.

Chapter 50: A Muslim king visits the master and cured of a tumor in his leg.

Chapter 51: The master decides to leave his body and disappears into the wilderness Kardali.

Chapter 52 contains a summary of the foregoing 51 Chapters.

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