The lessons of Shirdi Sai Baba

A rich man wants offhand knowledge of the absolute

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A rich man had many success in his life. He had a high degree of comfort obtained, he owned houses and lands, and many servants and people were dependent on him. When he heard about Baba's fame, he told a friend that he had nowhere else to lack in this life, So he wanted to go to Shirdi and ask Baba to give him knowledge of the absolute. That would certainly make him happy spiritually. His friend tried to bring him from. "Totally divine insight is not candy that you can buy on the market! It's not easy to know the absolute and certainly not a greedy man like you, 're constantly focused on your own, your wife and children. Why should you succeed in your quest for knowledge of the Absolute, when you give a penny to charity?’

The rich man hit no attention to his friend and arranged for a carriage along the- trip to Shirdi. He went to the mosque, saw Sai Baba and fell at his feet. 'Baba, I've heard that you donate divine insight to all who come here, and I came at once all the way from my home here. At home I have a lot of work to do and I am very tired from the trip, So if I get divine insight from you, my effort was not in vain. "When they heard this, the disciples were very surprised about Baba. Baba replied: 'The, my best friend, do not worry, I will immediately show the absolute, all my cases are settled in cash and never on credit. So many people come to me and ask for money, health, makes, honor, status, curing diseases and other temporal matters. Rare is the man who comes to me and asks for knowledge of God. There is no shortage of people who ask for worldly things, So I think it's a happy moment when someone like you comes and asks for knowledge of the divine. I also show you with pleasure the Al, with its many attributes and aspects. "

And Baba showed him God. He let him sit there and kept him busy with something else to talk, so that he forgot his question for the moment. Then he called a boy with them. "Go to Nandu the borrower and ask him to borrow five rupi. It is urgent. "The boy went away, but was soon back: 'Baba, Nandu was absent and his house was locked. "Then Baba asked him to go to Bala grocer to go and borrow the remaining balance. This time the boy had no success. This experiment was two or three times repeated, always with the same result. The rich man could not tolerate the delay. He asked impatiently: 'Baba, Why wait so long? If you do not easily give me knowledge of the absolute, I will leave. I have other things to do. "

Baba zei: "Oh friend! Have not you given what I was doing? I'm trying to show the absolute, but you are not able to understand. Do you think that knowledge of the absolute simply be bought at the bazaar? To obtain divine insight one should give up five things:

  1. the five life forces[1],
  2. the five senses,
  3. thinking,
  4. the mind and
  5. the ego.

The path that leads to knowledge of the absolute is not as comfortable as the path of your village to Shirdi in a carriage! It is sharp as the blade of a sword. Not everyone sees or realizes God in his life. Certain qualities are essential:

  1. An intense desire for liberation. If you feel that you're bound and you should be freed from that bondage, if you are honest and determined work toward that goal and do not care about any other thought, you are suitable for the spiritual life.
  2. A feeling of dislike for the things of this world and the next. Only when you have that feeling of dislike for these matters and to gain and honor that your actions can bring you into this world and the next, you have a right to the spiritual realm to enter.
  3. Repentance. Our senses have been created by God with a tendency to focus outward, so you always look outside yourself and not inwards. If you want to self-realization and immortal life reaching, you must look inward, to your inner self.
  4. Cleansing of sins, removal of all karma. Only when you turn away from your evil deeds, if you yourself are fully balanced and have put your mind to rest, you can achieve self-realization. There is no detour, even through knowledge.
  5. Proper behavior. Only if you live a life of truth, asceticism and understanding leads and celibate, You can obtain God-realization.
  6. You need the right above the pleasurable prefer. There are two types of cases: that what is right and what is enjoyable about. The first relates to spiritual matters and the second concerns worldly affairs, and both approaching you to be let in.. You need to think and choose one of them. The wise man chooses the right above the pleasurable, but the unwise chooses his desire and attachment for the enjoyment.
  7. Control over the mind and the senses. The body is like the car and the Atma is the master of it, the intellect is the charioteer and your thoughts are the reins; the senses are the horses and the senses are focused on the trail. If you do not understand and can not control your thoughts, if your senses unmanageable like wild horses because the driver does not pick up the reins, you do not reach your goal, but you remain trapped in the cycle of birth and death. But if you have insight, and your mind and senses are under control as the trained horse the proper driver, you reach that state from which you are not born[2].
  8. Thought Purification. Only if you properly and detached the tasks of your life performed, your mind is purified and only if you think you can achieve purified self-realization. Only with a purified mind can discernment[3] and detachment[4] arise, leading to self-realization. Only if you let your ego, greed and banishes the mind is pure and without desires, Self-realization is possible. The thought 'I am the body' is a great illusion and hold you to this is the cause of your attachment. Therefore, let this thought and attachment, if you want to self-realization.
  9. The need for a guru. The knowledge of the Atma is so subtle and mystique that no man can expect to achieve through their own efforts. Therefore, the assistance of another person in the form of the Teacher imperative. What others can not give even with great difficulty and effort, you can easily reach with the help of such a Teacher, for he is the path itself, and he passed the pupil simple step by step along the ladder of spiritual progress up help.
  10. Finally, the grace of the Lord the most important. When the Lord is satisfied with you, He will give you discernment and detachment, and he carries you safely across the ocean of worldly existence. "The Atma can not be gained by studying the Vedas, nor by reason of much learning. Through him who is chosen by the Self, is recovered. Reveals to him the Atma its kind, "says the Katha Upanishad."

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Then Baba's dissertation was completed, he turned to the rich man and said: "Well, Mr., God is in your pocket present in the form of five rupi's fifty times, get it on out. "The man took a bundle of banknotes from his pocket, and when he had, he discovered to his surprise that the 25 notes were ten rupi. 'Miser!'Baba zei, "You've seen several times on how I sent the boy to borrow five rupi's. Nevertheless, you have not had to give me only five rupi's sense of sacrifice, while you had such a big amount in your pocket. From avarice you remained silent. "When the rich man saw Baba's omniscience, he fell at Baba's feet and begged for his blessing.

'Rol je bundeltje Good, the banknotes, but again,Baba continued. "You can not even five rupi's give, how can you expect your five life forces, the five senses, thinking, the ego and the mind can enter? Only if you have stripped you of your greed you complete the true God, obtain. How can someone who is obsessed with wealth, posterity and prosperity expect to know if he is not willing to give up his attachment to it God? If money for you God, then what are you still looking for another God? The illusion of attachment and love of money is a deep vortex of pain, full of crocodiles in the form of conceit and jealousy. Only someone with no desire becomes entangled therein not. Greed and God are forever facing each other. Where greed, is no room for thoughts to God. How can a greedy man without desires and attain salvation? For such a person there is no peace, satisfaction or security. Even if only a tiny trace of greed in thinking, all spiritual efforts will be for nothing. Even the knowledge of a well-read man is useless, because they can not help him in getting self-realization as he is still governed by the desire for the fruits of his actions and no aversion has. The lessons from a guru have no use for a man who is full of egoism and always thinking of worldly matters, because without purification of the mind, all our spiritual efforts for nothing, just bragging and show. It is better for a man to be alone to learn what he can digest and integrate. My treasury is full and I can give everyone what they want, but I must see if you are worthy to receive what I give. If you carefully listen to me, you will certainly benefit from experience. When I'm in this mosque, I never speak untruth. "

When a guest is invited to someone's home, to all the inhabitants of the house and also their friends and family members to participate in the festivities. So everyone could participate in the mosque to the spiritual feast that Baba was serving for the wealthy Mr.. After the rich man had received Baba's blessing, , he and the others happy and satisfied mosque.

[1] the five elements (Panch-mahabhutas): ether, air, fire, water and earth

[2] self-realization

[3] able to distinguish between the real and the unreal

[4] are not attached to the unreal

from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba-

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