Shirdi Sai Baba as a healer

Baba is suffering from bubonic plague

Shirdi Sai child (cropped)Ms. Khaparde came with her son Balwanth to Shirdi, with the intention to remain there for a long time. With difficulty she had permission from her husband received, because at that time the bubonic plague spread show in Shirdi. The second day after their arrival, the child was fever and bruises all over his body. The mother regretted that it was not the advice of her husband listened and moaned: "Who will protect my child against the disease?"Immediately she hurried to the mosque, loudly calling: 'Baba! Baba!’

Baba asked why she had come, and with a trembling voice she told that her beloved son was struck by the bubonic plague. Baba replied kindly gentle tone: "The sky is full of clouds sometimes, but they will all dissolve and drifting, and the sky is clear blue and clear weather. Does your child have a fever? He has growths on his body? He is not the only, I myself have bumps. Look. "He lifted his jacket and showed her four mature growths, as large as eggs. "Look how I suffer for my devotees." Mahalsapati, who was standing, exclaimed: 'Baba! What are these bumps?"He touched Baba's body and discovered that he had a high fever, perhaps more than 40 degrees. 'The, Baba!"Cried the mother. "If the disease is not only to get my son, but you? Who will then protect?"She was really upset now. "Is there anyone who can protect the Protector of all?'Vroeg Baba string. The mother begged for forgiveness Baba immediately. Shortly after Baba's fever subsided and returned to her mother reassured residence. There they discovered that the fever and the bumps of the child were completely gone and she cried out: 'Baba! Have you taken the illness of my child you?’

The attendees who had seen this, realized how saints undergo suffering for their devotees. Their interior is softer than was, It's like butter and they love without any self-interest of their devotees, which they consider to be their real family.

from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba

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