15 October 1918: the passing of Shirdi Sai Baba (2)

The last days (from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai)

(continuation of part 1)

…Prior to Vijayadashami Baba had kept silence for a long period. On the feast day itself in large numbers for the followers came Baba's darshan. When the afternoon began the arathi, the hearts of the devotees were heavy with sorrow and tears on the cheeks and stifled voices singing the arathilied, convinced that Baba would leave them soon.

Vijayadashami is regarded by all Hindus as the most favorable time to death. So it is very appropriate that Baba chose this day to go. Although he had been ill the day before, he was always an inwardly with God. He sat up until his death, and he looked a little better, which the majority thought that the danger had passed and he was healthy again. When the moment of his departure drew near, zei Baba Dixit AAN, Buti, Shyama and a few others that they had to eat. They did not leave Baba, but because they could not ignore his orders, they set themselves to use the meal in their shelters. They sat at the table, but their thoughts were elsewhere, bij Baba. People Lakshmibai, her son Bhagoji, Bala Shimpi, Kaka Nimonkar en Bhayyaji Patel bleven bij Baba; Shyama sat down the stairs of the mosque. Lakshmibai riep father bij Zich, who had offered him food every day. This Lakshmibai Shinde was a good woman; They worked day and night in the mosque. BEHALVE Mahalsapati, Thatya and Lakshmibai was granted to no one's come at night in the mosque. Since Baba had taught her that it is present in every living being, the food she had prepared for him to give to a dog, she had started him with love and dedication to provide bread and milk every day. Baba accepted her offerings always appreciative. He ate some of it and left the rest to Lakshmibai Radhakrishna Mai bring, who was always happy with Baba's blessed food.

Baba remembered Lakshmibai's services. How could he forget her? Just before he left his body, He put his hand in his pocket and gave Lakshmibai five rupi's. Moments later, he gave her four rupi's. Lakshmibai now had absolutely no lack of money and therefore they understood that Baba wanted to point out the nine ways of worship. Her with this gift[1] The other devotees thought that these nine rupi were symbolic of the nine types of devotion. Some thought that this amount was the gift which is given during the Simollanghan, union with God.

When Lakshmibai this rupi's got, she wept like a child, and everyone who saw it began to cry. Finally, Baba said,: "This mosque is not good for me. Oil Sellers have harassed me. I will go to the Butigebouw, because then we can all be happy together. "He laid his head on the lap of Bhayyaji Patel and blew his last breath. It was 15 October 1918, half past two in the afternoon, Vijayadashami-today.

[1] In the eleventh chapter of the Bhagavata are first five and even four ways of devotion described later. See also ‘Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai‘, chapter 14: "The parable of the nine horse droppings')

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