Offer your vasanas and your vritti's to Baba

-by Satrughna-

A purely human energy flows freely. Vritti are swirls, disturbances in this energy. These lead to vasanas: unwanted behavior patterns, Jammers.

A purely human energy flows freely. Vritti are swirls, disturbances in this energy. These lead to vasanas: unwanted behavior patterns, Jammers.

“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”
-Jalal ad-Din Rumi-

Slowly I begin to understand how small and large traumas from earlier in this life and past lives (Vasan's) continue working as jammers in your present life, because you are the swirling effects (vritti’s) carries in the physical-energetic complex that your bodies are together. At the oddest moments, usually if you're not invented, crosses one of those old messages on its head and makes you weird react to a situation: anxiety, anger, grief, attention-, the boss to play, headache, stomach ache, disease and so on. The moment you start asking yourself why you are doing so more and react to a situation (respond is the key word here) you can be sure that one of those old pieces ie vasanas is.

I have a fellow trainer must learn how to clear up these personal jammers work in recent years. In short, it means that you do not need to know what's really going on. The mere fact that you realize that something needs to be cleaned up and that you focus on it is actually enough. However, often it helps tremendously when you swirl, emotional or physical pain or cramping can feel inner, because it helps you to really stay focused until you feel it. Without that sense matching your mind wander off very soon. I do not know how it works, but in one way or another, the problem is solved for me when I sit patiently for yourself. It's not something that I do myself, at least.

This work has been in recent years one of my main projects. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out that it's time to mess to clean up! One of my other projects is the book about Shirdi Sai Baba. Now I read it again recently and found to my surprise a piece that explains precisely how this process of clearing is. Baba explains that the provision of all your negative tendencies, your old jammers and unrest to Him you will gradually purify. For the interested reader, I have the relevant piece shown below.

ChickpeasIn chapter 24 of Sri Sai Satcharita tells the author, Hemadpant, how Baba an indelible lesson taught him by a joke. Baba left many roasted chickpeas appear in the folds of Hemadpants sleeve, and told everyone it was because Hemapant had been to the market. "I know how it goes, you buy peas and you have the bad habit of eating alone. "Hemadpant protested that he had not been to the market that day, and he had the good habit to always share his food with others. But Baba did not agree!

“You share food with anyone in your neighborhood. But what do you do when you're alone? What can I still do? Do you still with me? I'm not next to you? You offer me some of it to? So he used the pretext of peas and he left a deep impression on Hemadpant this principle.

offerBaba zei: “Before you think, your mind and your other senses from their objects enjoy, think of me first, so they are to me gradually a sacrifice. The senses can never remain without their objects, but when you first offered these objects to the Guru, attachment to it will disappear. If you desire something, then long for me alone. If you are angry, ventilate your anger than me. Offer me your pride and stubbornness. Just be devoted to Me. Whenever desire, anger and pride stand strong in your, make me the target you aim them. In this way, the Lord will help you in eradicating all swirls (vritti’s), one by one. The Lord (Govinda) will certainly be the strong waves of the three poisonous qualities soothe. In fact, this disturbed mental state will be absorbed into my form, or will be with me. A state of peace will be yours, at my feet.

If you practice this, desires will be weak, if they are self-, and with the passage of time they will be exterminated root and branch. Your mind will be free from all such tendencies are. Because you know and believe that the Guru is near, you are never disturbed by such trends. Once such a good habit firmly you begin to take root, the bondage of the world will come loose. The shape of the Guru you considering going into any object. Thus desire itself the form of the Guru. If there is the slightest desire for the enjoyment of the objects, and you realize that Baba is near, the question will instantly come to mind whether it is right for the object to enjoy, or not. The object that is wrong for you to enjoy, you will easily be avoided. This way you'll vicious addictions disappear and you'll have an aversion to going to get the unwanted. You'll be ready to obey the rules for control of the senses, mainly as discussed in the Vedas. Then you pleasure objects, according to the rules and you will not have indiscriminate extravagance. When you develop such a habit, are your thoughts about the enjoyment of sense objects weaker. You yearn for the worship of the Guru is growing, and pure knowledge will sprout.

Original photo of Shirdi Sai Baba high resolution

If pure knowledge grows, then you will be bound by body awareness and break your intellect will merge into pure consciousness, leading to infinite bliss. Even though your body is impermanent, it is a means to obtain relief, What is really more desirable than liberation, because it allows us to experience bhakti. This fifth step of obtaining illumination is superior to the other four: kama, artha, dharma en moksha. They can not be compared with bhakti. The gains of bhakti are invaluable.

Someone who accomplishment achieved by serving the Guru, is the implication of this statement fully understand. Only someone who understands the inherent meaning of bhakti, knowledge and detachment will attain enlightenment. Anyone who thinks that the Guru is different from God, is like a man who reads the entire Bhagavata without realizing who God is. Although if someone has read the entire Ramayana, he was unable to understand who was Sita Rama.

Let the vision of duality now loose and awareness into your heart that Guru and God are. The desire for the objects of the senses will be destroyed when you serve the Guru with a pure heart from the root. The mind will be pure and sinless, and you yourself will manifest radiant. So be it.

Therefore offering my nerves, trauma’s, bad karma, fears and whatever Baba Baba ensures that removes all of them. It's like you're the problem or the pain involved in a large silver bowl and puts up tilt as an offering to God. If you feel that the weight is gone, let the scale pockets and you discover that your sacrifice has disappeared.

floral offeringI would rather beautiful flowers and the finest fruits give Him. But the whole creation has been from Him. There is no fruit or flower that was not created by him. If I let go of everything that prevents me from my shining self to be, the flower of love and the fruit of serving God in the form of others should pop up.

It seems wrong to God, our Father and Mother, all my mess, give misery and problems. But it's those things that in fact the only things that keep me and God separately. I just realized: when I was in the place of God, I would not want the same for my beloved child? I would like it to its full potential lives, and let go of all those things that 'segregation' us. In reality, of course, never a divorce. This I am happy to have all my traumas and negative characteristics to let go realizing, without knowing where they came from or where they go.

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