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young Shirdi Sai Baba in front of Dhuni (colour)

The young Shirdi Sai Baba near his Dhuni (sacred fire)

Recently I asked the readers of the book their reactions and experiences. But my own story shouldn't be omitted here.

One day there were so many expensesall at once that I'd run all out of funds, when also a major expense to the car arrived. All the reserves were spent and we had no money for groceries for the next few days, and we were wondering how my wife had to drive to work if we coudn't fill up the gas.

Now this is not the first time something like this comes along, and we don't panic anymore when this happens. So far each time everything came out alright in the end. We are confident that Baba will take care of us. Doen't he say himself: "In the house of my devotee there will never be want of food or clothing '? And to Dixit he said: "Why worry if I'm here to carry your load?"But this time it was really a miracle of Shirdi Sai.

Swami Gopala Krishna

I woke up on a Sunday morning, and stayed in bed for a little reading in the book "Seven Days Shirdi’. Although Imyself translated it and I thoroughly know all the stories, it often helps me to get things clear again or to 'tune in'. Also Swami Gopala Krishna said, when blessing of the book, to all those present that the book can be consulted when in any doubt or for questions. Take your question in mind, ask it to Baba, and open the book. You will definitely get your answer. This is an experience that I already got confirmed many times.

After I had read a piece, I put a thin book between the pages to remember where I was, just to go to the bathroom. On my return, I saw something vaguely orange between the book. I thought: "How strange, that book was blue, wasn't it?’ I put on my glasses, and saw there were two notes of 50 euros between the book, and that the book was lying there opened on the page with the Blessing of Shirdi Sai Baba!

My wife thought at first I was kidding her when I told her. But no. I'm almost a hundred percent sure that I never hid one hundred euros in the book, and anyhow, I am very grateful for Baba's help and care. The more that happens, the easier it is to stay calm in tense times!

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