Doctor Pillai cured from guinea worms

(from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai )

Doctor Pillai was an intimate devotee of Baba. Baba was very fond of him; he always called him Bhau (brother), consulted him in all matters and wanted him always with them. At one time the doctor had a severe case of guinea worm[1]. He told Kaka Dixit: "This pain is excruciating, unbearable! I'd rather die! I know, this is pure penance for my old karma, but please go to Baba and ask him to stop the pain and bring to ten future lives. "about hoping he would be much less have to suffer if he would spread the pain over ten lives in every life.

Dixit went to Baba to tell you. Baba, touched by the request, told Dixit: "Tell him that he need have no fear. Why should he suffer ten lives? In ten days, he may suffer and the consequences of his old karma working. If I am to give him the world as well as spiritual well-being, why should he pray for death? Put him in here! Let's go to work and are suffering once and for all deal with. "

Kaka went to the doctor and took him with the help of a few others to the mosque. There he was sitting right by Baba, on the spot where the fakir Bade Baba was always. Baba gave him his own mattress and asked him there with his back to sit against the wall.

Pillai sat, but the tears ran down his cheeks from the pain. Baba lovingly wiped his tears and said,: 'My child, why do you cry when you are sitting on mothers lap? Stay down here quietly and try to feel at ease. Your karma is now at an end. You need this karma brave and patient face and not cry. The true remedy is that you have to endure the result of past actions and overcome. Our karma is the cause of our sorrow and happiness, so try to endure whatever comes. Allah is the only giver and protector, always think of him. Give your full, with body, thought, word and hold on to his feet and then see what he does. "Dr. Pillai result was a lot quieter.

Baba let him stay in the mosque. The next day, Nana Chandorkar wound inzwachtelen, but as soon as Baba saw the connection, he said: "Who is that connected? Doctor Pillai said that Nana Chandorkar the association had applied to the leg, but that it is not helped. "Nana is a fool!"Replied Baba. "Take off that connection or you will die! Coming up comes a crow that you will pick up and you will recover. "While there was Dr Pillai, Baba took the pain of him. He suffered for ten minutes, For every life a minute, Dr Pillai and delivered as his karmic duty. Halfway Abdullah came to the mosque clean and fill the oil lamps at. While he was doing this, He accidentally stepped on the outstretched leg of Pillai. The leg was swollen and when Abdul stepped on, all seven guinea worms were simultaneously pressed. The pain was terrible and the doctor roared out. After a while he calmed down and began to sing and cry alternately. Then he asked with tears in his eyes when Baba that crow would come pick him. Baba zei: "Have not you seen the crow? He will not come again. Abdul was the crow. Ga nu wat rusten, you'll be better soon. "Once the ten minutes were up, Baba was her old self again.

Due to the administration of Udi with water, the doctor in ten days, was completely cured, without any other treatment or medication, just as Baba had predicted.

[1] a large parasite, dracunculiasis, in drinking water prevents. In the final stage, the mature worms come through the skin to the outside, usually in the feet, which is accompanied by severe pain

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