The grip of karma

The stories of Das Ganu

Shirdi Sai Baba's prominent disciple Das Ganu has portrayed in his writings many of Baba's teachings in own his verbose style and combined them into long dissertations. Recently, these stories have been collected under the title Sri Sai Gurucharitra. Since Baba has never held such long discourses, most stories of Das Ganu are not included in the book Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai. Now I have translated a few of them here and abridged them, because it gives a clear account of the lessons Baba provided piecemeal to his followers.

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Nana Chandorkar and Nana Nimonkar came to Shirdi. When Chandorkar bowed at Baba's feet, he said: 'O Sai Maharaj, Oh thou able one!, No more this worldly life for me! All the Shastras say that this worldly life is futile. Protector of the meek and the downtrodden. Please tear asunder these chains of worldly attachments, which entangle us and hinder our progress. What pleasures we seek are turning into pain to haunt and torment us. Desire is making us dance like puppets at her whim. No matter how far the search, we are unable to find true bliss in this world. I am fed up of this life. I do not want these worldly entanglements any more.’

Baba patiently heard what Chandorkar had to say. He said: From where are you getting these insane ideas? What you say is true to some extent, but you seem to have gone off on a tangent on the whole. You may try to escape from the worldly, but it will not let you escape from it. It will always stick by your side. It is not possible for anyone to escape from its clutches. Even I could not escape being entangled in this body of mine, how then can you escape the entanglements? This world has many attributes. Let me explain them to you.

When lust, anger, covetousness, delusion, pride and envy are covered by ego, the result is worldliness. That is the world. The eyes see an object, the ears hear, the tongue tastes, this too is the world. It is the nature of the body. This world is an admixture of pleasure and pain. They do not leave anyone, No one can escape from their clutches. You feel that wealth, wife and children are the world. You are now weary of this. But they - the wife, children, brothers and sisters, relatives, will not leave you, even if you wish to leave them. The reason for all this is your prarabhda karma: the consequences of past actions that are now working out. Know that none in the three worlds can escape it without experiencing it and working it out.’

Chandorkar heard what Baba said and answered: "All what you had said earlier was given by God and are his creation, only the last, prarabdha karma, is my own creation. I am wearied of this worldliness. Please remove my entanglements and save me some how or the other.’

Baba laughed: "Everything is your creation! What is the use of feeling fed up now? All these are the result of the karma of your previous lives, the result of the prarabdha karma. This prarabdha is the main reason for us to take birth in this world. None can escape the prarabdha, that is why people are born. There are the poor, the middle-class, the rich, the others, the bachelors, the married, the sanyasis, the high and mighty, the low and such many kinds of people. There are many animals such as horses, cattle, foxes, birds, tigers, wolves, dogs, pigs, cats, snakes, scorpions, the ants and insects. The life inhabiting them all is the same, but they all look different from each other to the casual onlooker. Have you ever thought why this should be so? It is because of their sanchita karma that they are different from each other. They assume the qualities, conduct and the way of life as per their bodies. What is the purpose of seeing all these bodies and feeling wearied? The tiger eats meat, the pig eats excreta. The wolf digs out the buried human body and eats it with relish. It is the nature of their bodies which makes them do that. The swan eats the tender leaves of the lotus, the vultures eat the stinking decayed meat. One gets the qualities and the habits of the body one is born in, that is the law of nature. It is in accordance with this law of the nature that the living beings experience their prarabdha karma.

Look here Nana! Some lions roam freely in the jungle, the lords of all they survey. Some lions are caged and taken from village to village on show. The rich man's dog sleeps on mattresses of silk, Some dogs keep roaming throughout the day for a few pieces of bread. Some cattle are fed to satiety with hay, the owner gives them sufficient water and oilcakes to feed and takes good care of them, some cattle keep roaming throughout the day, hungry for food. They do not even get a few stalks of grass to eat and have to nose about the rubbish.

The main reason for these differences is the prarabdha karma. None can escape it without experiencing it to the full. It is the reason for the prosperity of the rich and the poverty of the poor. None can escape its writ without undergoing the full course. What law applies to animals applies to humans too. One is rich, the other poor, one is prosperous, the other in the clutches of wretched poverty. One is an orphan who has to beg for alms. One moves like a prince on horse back and enjoys all the luxuries of life in kingly mansions, and the other has nothing to call his own and sleeps naked on the bare ground, the sky itself his roof. Some have progeny. Some have progeny, but they all die, and some women are infertile and can not have children. Some women go to much trouble for just for the sake of bearing children.’

Nanasaheb Chandorkar

As Baba was saying this, Nana folded his hands in obeisance, and said: 'Baba, Why then do we have happiness and sorrow? We get pleasure from happiness and heart breaking pain from sorrow. The person who is entangled in the world suffers between both these extremes every second of his life. If this world is the store house of happiness and sorrow, how can one destroy sorrow and achieve happiness without leaving it??’

‘Nana, that happiness and sadness are delusions. They are the fog which covers up and hides the reality. What we feel are the pleasures of this world, are not truly its pleasures. Examine this aspect closely: many people commit mistakes in understanding these aspects. It is by the prarabdha karma that one gets delicious food to eat while another gets dry bread to eat. The one who gets the stale dry bread may be plunged into sorrow. Another may get merely the dry crust of the stale bread. The man who got the delicious food to eat, will think that he has every thing and lacks nothing. One may eat delicious food or one may eat rice with pickle, but it is merely to assuage hunger and to fill the stomach. Some may wear costly shawls with jeweled embroidery, and some may cover their skin with rags. It may be a costly shawl or a rag, the purpose is only to cover the skin, and beyond this basic use there is no further use for these things.

It is ignorance to give importance to happiness or sorrow. If the mind is an ocean, the waves of sorrow and happiness are always rising and falling in that ocean. What you feel as sorrow and happiness are not real. They are mere delusion, caused by your infatuation with the body. You may have a doubt here: "Waves are present if only water in present. Light is present if only a lamp is present. So there must be a causative factor for the birth of these notions such as happiness and sorrow’

What is it? It is the six enemies, such as lust, anger, covetousness, delusion, pride and envy, which is the basis for the experience of happiness and sorrow in this world. The form of the waves is delusion. It makes the truth seem a lie, and a lie seems as the truth. When a poor man sees gold in the hand of a rich man, he feels envious. Then the wave of envy starts in his mind. He gets the feeling,: That gold should be in my hand’ The moment he gets this feeling, another wave of greed starts in his mind.

Nana, how many more examples can I give you of this? First, we have to conquer our six enemies. Once they are conquered, they cannot do anything to start these waves our mind. To tell the truth we cannot fully conquer these six enemies, but we can make them our slaves. We should place our knowledge as the superior officer over these six enemies. Over knowledge, we should place discrimination as the supervising officer. If we successfully achieve this, there will be no further pain of happiness and sorrow for us.

Alright, now I will tell you what the true happiness and sorrow are. Mukti, liberation, salvation, is true happiness. To take birth and die is true sorrow. Any other happiness or sorrow, but for these, is a result of mere delusion. Now I will tell you how to live in this world. Listen to me with diligent care!

We should happily experience what ever has been our lot as the result of the prarabdha karma. Even though this world is delusion, , prarabdha is true. It is our vasanas (proclivities) which keep us entangled forever without letting go of us. It is the vasanas which are the seed bed of the next birth. That is why, if one does not increase his infatuation with the own karma; one would gain immeasurably in the hereafter. One stays for a day or two in one choultry and then moves on towards his destination, without forming any association or infatuation with it. In the same manner, one should look upon this world as a choultry and not form any attachments. Thus, one should continue to do one's duty, and present the result as well as the feeling of being the doer to the almighty and be untouched by it all, and be untouched by it all. Relinquish the result of everything you do, as well as the feeling that you are the one that is acting, to the Supreme, and do not get attached to it.

As long as you live, you will take care of the body, but it's a waste of time to worry about death. This body is part of the five elements, and it is futile to cry for it when it dies. In the same manner, it is futile to feel happy at birth. Nana, It is mukti or liberation to have equally neutral feelings about happiness or sorrow. I will tell you the rest of the story later, Now you continue to do your duty.’

Nana Chandorkar listened to the words of wisdom which fell pearl like from the lips of Baba in awe. He prostrated at his feet and embraced them eagerly as the child does his mother. Nana Nimonkar also was present and enjoyed being immersed in the bliss of Baba's teaching. They both paid obeisance to Baba and returned home.

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Escaping the grip of karma

The Ganu's lessons -2-

Shirdi Sai Baba's prominent disciple Das Ganu has portrayed in his writings many of Baba's teachings in own his verbose style and combined them into long dissertations. Recently, these stories have been collected under the title Sri Sai Gurucharitra. Since Baba has never held such long discourses, most stories of Das Ganu are not included in the book Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai.

Download this story as ebook in Dutch: Sai Baba over karma.epub

After a few days Chandorkar Nana came to Shirdi again, he prostrated in front of Baba and clasped his feet. 'Baba, please teach me what you promised to teach the last time I came here.’

Baba was pleased at Nana's eagerness to learn. He said: Pay careful heed to my words. The destruction of the entanglements caused by happiness and sorrow is liberation (mukti). Follow my teachings to reach that state of liberation’

"There is another form of karma, namely Sanchita karma. This is the karma that has yet to develop, often in the next life. Rebirth is inevitable when sanchita karma is prevailing. The wise understand this and model their behaviour to avoid it, but the foolish do not know and do not bother about it. If a person got the situation of a servant in this life because of his prarabdha, and in that capacity he commits a theft, that has now become the cause for another birth. If we question as to what he has achieved in this life, he has only laid the seed or foundation for another life. How can we escape from this relentless march of births and deaths?’

Chandorkar was puzzled. He said: 'Baba, you say that the person committed theft and becomes a thief. You say that it is due to karma. You again say that the rest in the result of prarabdha. I am at a loss to understand your meaning. Could you please elucidate further the distinction between these?’

Baba replied: ‘Narayana, rein in your mind from wandering and then question! The point is that one should be vigilant to follow the canons of right conduct (dharma) when one is undergoing the effects of prarabdha. This means that one should cultivate the company of the good and spend time with them, One should avoid even the shadow of the bad, the wicked and the atheists in the society. Do not eat forbidden foods, Do not give room to arguments and rivalry. Always stick to the truth, God will be happy with you. If you give your word to any one, back it up. God is distanced from those who give their word and fail to back it up.

I will now tell you about four people, listen to me with a concentrated mind.

The first is the entangled person. The one who does not know what is the right conduct and wrong conduct, one who does not revere God and one who does not have the right feelings in his heart. The one who commits sin, the one who behaves deviously, and commits sin talking harshly, those who are forever immersed in worldly activities, those who are rich but do not give to charity, though they will spend it for their own pleasures, people who spend other people's money, and people who do not care about saints, are all bound people. Some people seek to increase their fame by defaming others. They act as if they are good and virtuous people, while conducting them selves sinfully. This worldly life is the sole object of their endeavor. This world is their God, and their concentration is always on this world. They are also the entangled.

He who does not attain a purified mind even after reading many good books is also bound.

Then there is the second. The sincere seeker of truth (mumukshu) is someone who hates his state of entanglement. He is ever thinking to remove his bad qualities by right thought, he is ever burning with eagerness and working hard for the darshan of the Almighty. Someone who is interested in the company of the virtuous, pure people for whom the world has no real value is a Mumukshu. He who lives the life granted to him by prarabdha with no discontent, someone who is ever fearful of committing sin, someone who always speaks the truth, someone who, even if he be fallen, sincerely repents of his mistakes, who believes in God, has a humble and respectful attitude towards sadhus, who respects the right conduct and puts it in to practice, is a Mumukshu.

A sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) is someone who does not leave the company of the virtuous and pious even for a second and constantly repeats the holy name of God. He who considers the worldly matters as poison and is ever eager to learn about spiritual is a sadhaka. He who is always meditating on the almighty, who lives in solitude, know that his is the stage of sadhaka. If someone like that hears the name of the Lord, and hears talk about Him, his throat parches and his words form indistinctly in happiness. Someone who forgets the worldly entirely and is ever involved in the service to the saints, and keeps God constantly in his mind, is a sadhaka.

The fourth is the siddha. He is a realized person; he regards praise and blame as one; he regards individuals and God as one and has an equal disregard for fame or blame. He is influenced not a whit by the six enemies: such as lust, anger, covetousness, delusion, or pride, nor by envy. He has no place for desire or doubt and no differentiation between I and you. He knows that the body is impermanent and that he is verily Brahman. He accepts as equal happiness as well as sorrow: such a one is truly a siddha.

Four different people and four ways to deal with karma. God is everywhere in this Universe; there is no place where God is not, but his divine delusion, maya, confuses and confounds us. The maya suppresses our desire to know and realize God.’

Bring learned into practice

All of us that you see here is a form of God, Like Truth, Light, Maruti, Krishna, and so on, including you. That is why we should hate anyone, because God dwells in all beings. The feeling of universal love arises naturally in the heart and once that prevails can really achieve anything. Until that time, you would have to keep your mind under control.

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba

A fly circles around the fire and fled again, just as the thoughts wander all over the place and they flee as they draw closer to God. We can only escape from the cycle of birth and death, if we focus the mind on Brahman, and therefore there is no better opportunity than the human birth. Namely human life provides an excellent opportunity for liberation.

To help focus our thoughts is the worship of God with form set. If you have the image or representation of God with faith and devotion worship, in the firm belief that God resides in it, are your thoughts on God concentrated. Without concentration, the mind obviously not come to stillness.

Until someone who has realized the Self is self liberation. The steps leading to self-realization are extremely difficult to commit, but there is an easier way to achieve liberation: Give yourself completely to God and live a pure life. This will eventually purify your heart. Seek God with your mind stilled by concentration. Meditate on the form of the God you held most dear is. Such meditation, you will eventually reach liberation.’

Baba closed this treatise and laid his right hand on Chandorkars head to bless him. Chandorkar was filled with joy. Hij boog in dank met gevouwen handen voor Baba en smeekte hem dat zijn genade altijd op zijn leerlingen mocht rusten.

Baba replied: "I will never let my devotee fall from my grace, there you do have no doubt, I promise. May the Merciful Allah-i-llāhi bless you.’

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Shirdi Sai Baba takes on karma

The tears of Mrs. Tarkhad

Ms. Tarkhad could especially at not seeing well at night because of eye trouble. Once they came to Dwarakamai, bowed to Baba and sat down at his feet. While she was sitting at Baba, began to walk the tears from her eyes. Baba saw it and dropped his mercy descend upon her. Immediately stopped by Mrs. Tarkhad and tears began to flow from Baba's eyes instead. Baba suffered the disease for a while to help her, while the devotees looked on in surprise. From that day she has not had any eye problems more.

When the disease of ignorance someone harasses, comes the grief out in the form of tears. When the devotee then turns to the Lord, This takes care over his beloved. He destroys ignorance,, set his sights on wisdom so he can see everything clear and sharp, and blesses him with a vision of God.

from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba-

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Shirdi Sai Baba as a healer

Baba is suffering from bubonic plague

Shirdi Sai child (cropped)Ms. Khaparde came with her son Balwanth to Shirdi, with the intention to remain there for a long time. With difficulty she had permission from her husband received, because at that time the bubonic plague spread show in Shirdi. The second day after their arrival, the child was fever and bruises all over his body. The mother regretted that it was not the advice of her husband listened and moaned: "Who will protect my child against the disease?"Immediately she hurried to the mosque, loudly calling: 'Baba! Baba!’

Baba asked why she had come, and with a trembling voice she told that her beloved son was struck by the bubonic plague. Baba replied kindly gentle tone: "The sky is full of clouds sometimes, but they will all dissolve and drifting, and the sky is clear blue and clear weather. Does your child have a fever? He has growths on his body? He is not the only, I myself have bumps. Look. "He lifted his jacket and showed her four mature growths, as large as eggs. "Look how I suffer for my devotees." Mahalsapati, who was standing, exclaimed: 'Baba! What are these bumps?"He touched Baba's body and discovered that he had a high fever, perhaps more than 40 degrees. 'The, Baba!"Cried the mother. "If the disease is not only to get my son, but you? Who will then protect?"She was really upset now. "Is there anyone who can protect the Protector of all?'Vroeg Baba string. The mother begged for forgiveness Baba immediately. Shortly after Baba's fever subsided and returned to her mother reassured residence. There they discovered that the fever and the bumps of the child were completely gone and she cried out: 'Baba! Have you taken the illness of my child you?’

The attendees who had seen this, realized how saints undergo suffering for their devotees. Their interior is softer than was, It's like butter and they love without any self-interest of their devotees, which they consider to be their real family.

from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba

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The lessons of Shirdi Sai Baba

A rich man wants offhand knowledge of the absolute

Original photo of Shirdi Sai Baba high resolution

A rich man had many success in his life. He had a high degree of comfort obtained, he owned houses and lands, and many servants and people were dependent on him. When he heard about Baba's fame, he told a friend that he had nowhere else to lack in this life, So he wanted to go to Shirdi and ask Baba to give him knowledge of the absolute. That would certainly make him happy spiritually. His friend tried to bring him from. "Totally divine insight is not candy that you can buy on the market! It's not easy to know the absolute and certainly not a greedy man like you, 're constantly focused on your own, your wife and children. Why should you succeed in your quest for knowledge of the Absolute, when you give a penny to charity?’

The rich man hit no attention to his friend and arranged for a carriage along the- trip to Shirdi. He went to the mosque, saw Sai Baba and fell at his feet. 'Baba, I've heard that you donate divine insight to all who come here, and I came at once all the way from my home here. At home I have a lot of work to do and I am very tired from the trip, So if I get divine insight from you, my effort was not in vain. "When they heard this, the disciples were very surprised about Baba. Baba replied: 'The, my best friend, do not worry, I will immediately show the absolute, all my cases are settled in cash and never on credit. So many people come to me and ask for money, health, makes, honor, status, curing diseases and other temporal matters. Rare is the man who comes to me and asks for knowledge of God. There is no shortage of people who ask for worldly things, So I think it's a happy moment when someone like you comes and asks for knowledge of the divine. I also show you with pleasure the Al, with its many attributes and aspects. "

And Baba showed him God. He let him sit there and kept him busy with something else to talk, so that he forgot his question for the moment. Then he called a boy with them. "Go to Nandu the borrower and ask him to borrow five rupi. It is urgent. "The boy went away, but was soon back: 'Baba, Nandu was absent and his house was locked. "Then Baba asked him to go to Bala grocer to go and borrow the remaining balance. This time the boy had no success. This experiment was two or three times repeated, always with the same result. The rich man could not tolerate the delay. He asked impatiently: 'Baba, Why wait so long? If you do not easily give me knowledge of the absolute, I will leave. I have other things to do. "

Baba zei: "Oh friend! Have not you given what I was doing? I'm trying to show the absolute, but you are not able to understand. Do you think that knowledge of the absolute simply be bought at the bazaar? To obtain divine insight one should give up five things:

  1. the five life forces[1],
  2. the five senses,
  3. thinking,
  4. the mind and
  5. the ego.

The path that leads to knowledge of the absolute is not as comfortable as the path of your village to Shirdi in a carriage! It is sharp as the blade of a sword. Not everyone sees or realizes God in his life. Certain qualities are essential:

  1. An intense desire for liberation. If you feel that you're bound and you should be freed from that bondage, if you are honest and determined work toward that goal and do not care about any other thought, you are suitable for the spiritual life.
  2. A feeling of dislike for the things of this world and the next. Only when you have that feeling of dislike for these matters and to gain and honor that your actions can bring you into this world and the next, you have a right to the spiritual realm to enter.
  3. Repentance. Our senses have been created by God with a tendency to focus outward, so you always look outside yourself and not inwards. If you want to self-realization and immortal life reaching, you must look inward, to your inner self.
  4. Cleansing of sins, removal of all karma. Only when you turn away from your evil deeds, if you yourself are fully balanced and have put your mind to rest, you can achieve self-realization. There is no detour, even through knowledge.
  5. Proper behavior. Only if you live a life of truth, asceticism and understanding leads and celibate, You can obtain God-realization.
  6. You need the right above the pleasurable prefer. There are two types of cases: that what is right and what is enjoyable about. The first relates to spiritual matters and the second concerns worldly affairs, and both approaching you to be let in.. You need to think and choose one of them. The wise man chooses the right above the pleasurable, but the unwise chooses his desire and attachment for the enjoyment.
  7. Control over the mind and the senses. The body is like the car and the Atma is the master of it, the intellect is the charioteer and your thoughts are the reins; the senses are the horses and the senses are focused on the trail. If you do not understand and can not control your thoughts, if your senses unmanageable like wild horses because the driver does not pick up the reins, you do not reach your goal, but you remain trapped in the cycle of birth and death. But if you have insight, and your mind and senses are under control as the trained horse the proper driver, you reach that state from which you are not born[2].
  8. Thought Purification. Only if you properly and detached the tasks of your life performed, your mind is purified and only if you think you can achieve purified self-realization. Only with a purified mind can discernment[3] and detachment[4] arise, leading to self-realization. Only if you let your ego, greed and banishes the mind is pure and without desires, Self-realization is possible. The thought 'I am the body' is a great illusion and hold you to this is the cause of your attachment. Therefore, let this thought and attachment, if you want to self-realization.
  9. The need for a guru. The knowledge of the Atma is so subtle and mystique that no man can expect to achieve through their own efforts. Therefore, the assistance of another person in the form of the Teacher imperative. What others can not give even with great difficulty and effort, you can easily reach with the help of such a Teacher, for he is the path itself, and he passed the pupil simple step by step along the ladder of spiritual progress up help.
  10. Finally, the grace of the Lord the most important. When the Lord is satisfied with you, He will give you discernment and detachment, and he carries you safely across the ocean of worldly existence. "The Atma can not be gained by studying the Vedas, nor by reason of much learning. Through him who is chosen by the Self, is recovered. Reveals to him the Atma its kind, "says the Katha Upanishad."

Sai close-up painting1

Then Baba's dissertation was completed, he turned to the rich man and said: "Well, Mr., God is in your pocket present in the form of five rupi's fifty times, get it on out. "The man took a bundle of banknotes from his pocket, and when he had, he discovered to his surprise that the 25 notes were ten rupi. 'Miser!'Baba zei, "You've seen several times on how I sent the boy to borrow five rupi's. Nevertheless, you have not had to give me only five rupi's sense of sacrifice, while you had such a big amount in your pocket. From avarice you remained silent. "When the rich man saw Baba's omniscience, he fell at Baba's feet and begged for his blessing.

'Rol je bundeltje Good, the banknotes, but again,Baba continued. "You can not even five rupi's give, how can you expect your five life forces, the five senses, thinking, the ego and the mind can enter? Only if you have stripped you of your greed you complete the true God, obtain. How can someone who is obsessed with wealth, posterity and prosperity expect to know if he is not willing to give up his attachment to it God? If money for you God, then what are you still looking for another God? The illusion of attachment and love of money is a deep vortex of pain, full of crocodiles in the form of conceit and jealousy. Only someone with no desire becomes entangled therein not. Greed and God are forever facing each other. Where greed, is no room for thoughts to God. How can a greedy man without desires and attain salvation? For such a person there is no peace, satisfaction or security. Even if only a tiny trace of greed in thinking, all spiritual efforts will be for nothing. Even the knowledge of a well-read man is useless, because they can not help him in getting self-realization as he is still governed by the desire for the fruits of his actions and no aversion has. The lessons from a guru have no use for a man who is full of egoism and always thinking of worldly matters, because without purification of the mind, all our spiritual efforts for nothing, just bragging and show. It is better for a man to be alone to learn what he can digest and integrate. My treasury is full and I can give everyone what they want, but I must see if you are worthy to receive what I give. If you carefully listen to me, you will certainly benefit from experience. When I'm in this mosque, I never speak untruth. "

When a guest is invited to someone's home, to all the inhabitants of the house and also their friends and family members to participate in the festivities. So everyone could participate in the mosque to the spiritual feast that Baba was serving for the wealthy Mr.. After the rich man had received Baba's blessing, , he and the others happy and satisfied mosque.

[1] the five elements (Panch-mahabhutas): ether, air, fire, water and earth

[2] self-realization

[3] able to distinguish between the real and the unreal

[4] are not attached to the unreal

from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba-

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Doctor Pillai cured from guinea worms

(from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai )

Doctor Pillai was an intimate devotee of Baba. Baba was very fond of him; he always called him Bhau (brother), consulted him in all matters and wanted him always with them. At one time the doctor had a severe case of guinea worm[1]. He told Kaka Dixit: "This pain is excruciating, unbearable! I'd rather die! I know, this is pure penance for my old karma, but please go to Baba and ask him to stop the pain and bring to ten future lives. "about hoping he would be much less have to suffer if he would spread the pain over ten lives in every life.

Dixit went to Baba to tell you. Baba, touched by the request, told Dixit: "Tell him that he need have no fear. Why should he suffer ten lives? In ten days, he may suffer and the consequences of his old karma working. If I am to give him the world as well as spiritual well-being, why should he pray for death? Put him in here! Let's go to work and are suffering once and for all deal with. "

Kaka went to the doctor and took him with the help of a few others to the mosque. There he was sitting right by Baba, on the spot where the fakir Bade Baba was always. Baba gave him his own mattress and asked him there with his back to sit against the wall.

Pillai sat, but the tears ran down his cheeks from the pain. Baba lovingly wiped his tears and said,: 'My child, why do you cry when you are sitting on mothers lap? Stay down here quietly and try to feel at ease. Your karma is now at an end. You need this karma brave and patient face and not cry. The true remedy is that you have to endure the result of past actions and overcome. Our karma is the cause of our sorrow and happiness, so try to endure whatever comes. Allah is the only giver and protector, always think of him. Give your full, with body, thought, word and hold on to his feet and then see what he does. "Dr. Pillai result was a lot quieter.

Baba let him stay in the mosque. The next day, Nana Chandorkar wound inzwachtelen, but as soon as Baba saw the connection, he said: "Who is that connected? Doctor Pillai said that Nana Chandorkar the association had applied to the leg, but that it is not helped. "Nana is a fool!"Replied Baba. "Take off that connection or you will die! Coming up comes a crow that you will pick up and you will recover. "While there was Dr Pillai, Baba took the pain of him. He suffered for ten minutes, For every life a minute, Dr Pillai and delivered as his karmic duty. Halfway Abdullah came to the mosque clean and fill the oil lamps at. While he was doing this, He accidentally stepped on the outstretched leg of Pillai. The leg was swollen and when Abdul stepped on, all seven guinea worms were simultaneously pressed. The pain was terrible and the doctor roared out. After a while he calmed down and began to sing and cry alternately. Then he asked with tears in his eyes when Baba that crow would come pick him. Baba zei: "Have not you seen the crow? He will not come again. Abdul was the crow. Ga nu wat rusten, you'll be better soon. "Once the ten minutes were up, Baba was her old self again.

Due to the administration of Udi with water, the doctor in ten days, was completely cured, without any other treatment or medication, just as Baba had predicted.

[1] a large parasite, dracunculiasis, in drinking water prevents. In the final stage, the mature worms come through the skin to the outside, usually in the feet, which is accompanied by severe pain

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