Am I prepared?

-by Satrughna- Sathya Sai Baba Keertan Previous; return of Sathya Sai Baba; Sai Baba’s return; second coming of Sathya Sai Baba; wederkomst, second coming; dream about Sai Baba; Sai Baba rejuvenated appearance;

In the run up to 12-12-2012, and shortly afterwards 21-12-2012, calls lately increasingly a sense of urgency to me. It is an exceptional time in which we live. This is the time for which the Sai avatar incarnates in triplicate: as Shirdi Sai Baba, as Sathya Sai Baba and finally as Prema Sai Baba.

Sathya Sai Baba left on 24 april 2011 his body. It was old, weak, and it was seen that communicate and move was painfully obvious. I was flabbergasted, rebellious, sad: it did not work out! I was convinced that Sathya Sai would go live after three days his body; Shirdi Sai that fact had not done, in 1886? (*see the book "Seven Days Shirdi)

sai-thy-kingdom-comeThere were more people who felt that Swami's work was not completed. As recently Baba's devotee Sreejith Narayan put together a book in pdf: Sai, Thy Kingdom Come, which he does a thorough investigation into Baba's own statements, ancient prophecies and figures, and finally very likely to bring the story of Sathya Sai Baba is indeed not yet been completed forward.

There is growing evidence that we have something exceptional to expect. Sreejith Narayan has Forecasts to global visions, meetings and appearances in the sky. Even in my own dreams Sathya Sai gives me very occasionally a clue. So I dreamed once that he (much younger and more vibrant) for my family cooked, and last time I saw him in my dream in an Amsterdam tram, while I was lost.

In this dream Sathya Sai Baba answered friendly and patient all my questions, showed me the right way and went with me home. At home, he sat in a chair and looked around. He was obviously not very happy with me. My house was not ready to receive him, because it was not cleaned and not cleaned. He said nothing, but I caught the message as clearly as if he said it to me directly: “I want to come to your house, but how can I if you're not ready to receive me?”

Later my wife and friends of ours, who began cooking for Baba and prepare a feast for, while I was cleaning up, but much too late!

I woke up with the realization that this was a very important message for me. Of course I am willing to receive Baba, but I also forprepared? I keep thinking about a story that Jesus told his disciples:

"Then shall the kingdom of heaven be like to ten virgins, who had packed their lamps and went heading, meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish, the other five were wise. The foolish girls had their lamps caught, but no extra oil. The way girls had their lights also except oil in jars with them. As the bridegroom was delayed by itself, they all became drowsy and dozed them. Middle of the night there was loud cry: "There's the groom! Come, go to meet him. "That woke the girls and they brought their lamps in order. The foolish said to the wise: "Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going all out. "The way they replied: "No, later there is still not enough for us and you together. But seek a vendor and buy your own oil. "While they were out on oil, the groom arrived, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding feast, then the door was closed. Some time later came the other girls. They called: "Lord, lord, let us in.!"But he answered: "I do not. Know you really" Watch therefore, because you do not know on what day and at what time it comes.’ (Matthew 25: 1-13)

How exactly well with those silly girls I do not know. I do not believe honestly so that there will be people who will be denied for whatever it may be. But I have a feeling that we have a great opportunity. I'm ready?


* Website of the book "Sai, Thy Kingdom Come’

* Kingdom of Sai Weblog

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15 October 1918: the passing of Shirdi Sai Baba (2)

The last days (from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai)

(continuation of part 1)

…Prior to Vijayadashami Baba had kept silence for a long period. On the feast day itself in large numbers for the followers came Baba's darshan. When the afternoon began the arathi, the hearts of the devotees were heavy with sorrow and tears on the cheeks and stifled voices singing the arathilied, convinced that Baba would leave them soon.

Vijayadashami is regarded by all Hindus as the most favorable time to death. So it is very appropriate that Baba chose this day to go. Although he had been ill the day before, he was always an inwardly with God. He sat up until his death, and he looked a little better, which the majority thought that the danger had passed and he was healthy again. When the moment of his departure drew near, zei Baba Dixit AAN, Buti, Shyama and a few others that they had to eat. They did not leave Baba, but because they could not ignore his orders, they set themselves to use the meal in their shelters. They sat at the table, but their thoughts were elsewhere, bij Baba. People Lakshmibai, her son Bhagoji, Bala Shimpi, Kaka Nimonkar en Bhayyaji Patel bleven bij Baba; Shyama sat down the stairs of the mosque. Lakshmibai riep father bij Zich, who had offered him food every day. This Lakshmibai Shinde was a good woman; They worked day and night in the mosque. BEHALVE Mahalsapati, Thatya and Lakshmibai was granted to no one's come at night in the mosque. Since Baba had taught her that it is present in every living being, the food she had prepared for him to give to a dog, she had started him with love and dedication to provide bread and milk every day. Baba accepted her offerings always appreciative. He ate some of it and left the rest to Lakshmibai Radhakrishna Mai bring, who was always happy with Baba's blessed food.

Baba remembered Lakshmibai's services. How could he forget her? Just before he left his body, He put his hand in his pocket and gave Lakshmibai five rupi's. Moments later, he gave her four rupi's. Lakshmibai now had absolutely no lack of money and therefore they understood that Baba wanted to point out the nine ways of worship. Her with this gift[1] The other devotees thought that these nine rupi were symbolic of the nine types of devotion. Some thought that this amount was the gift which is given during the Simollanghan, union with God.

When Lakshmibai this rupi's got, she wept like a child, and everyone who saw it began to cry. Finally, Baba said,: "This mosque is not good for me. Oil Sellers have harassed me. I will go to the Butigebouw, because then we can all be happy together. "He laid his head on the lap of Bhayyaji Patel and blew his last breath. It was 15 October 1918, half past two in the afternoon, Vijayadashami-today.

[1] In the eleventh chapter of the Bhagavata are first five and even four ways of devotion described later. See also ‘Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai‘, chapter 14: "The parable of the nine horse droppings')

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15 October 1918: the passing of Shirdi Sai Baba (1)

The last days (from: Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai)

Shirdi Sai Baba and devotees2…Shirdi Sai Baba's health deteriorated increasingly, and the news that he would be leaving his body spread rapidly into the far periphery. The devotees read scriptures, shared food to the poor, and carried out all kinds of prayers and rituals for Baba's healing. Just before Vijayadashami it seemed that Baba's health was slightly improving, so the disciples had the idea that Baba would be better soon.

Therefore Nana Nimonkar got ready to leave for his hometown, because his daughter was about to give birth, and his family expected that he would be with them. He went to Baba to ask his permission, but Baba said: 'Ah, Nana! Don't you go away now, Bury me and then leave. "Because Shyama knew Nimonkars circumstances, he said to Baba: 'Baba, he is expected elsewhere urgently, Please let him go. "But Baba became furious and said,: ‘Shyama! Are you planning to kill my son? Did he molest your fathers property? What is against him staying here?"And while he turned to Nimonkar he said: ‘Nana, chill out, Allah will surely protect. Go only after I'm buried. "

The disciples who heard this, burst into tears at the thought that they would be separated from Baba. Then Baba said to all his devotees: "I'm not going to die. Really, For me there is no birth or death. I only wear body and let it go again. Eight years after I've given up this body, I will incarnate again to serve what is prepared now. '


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The significance of Vijayadashami

The significance of Vijayadashami

from a reading of Sathya Sai Baba (translation from ‘Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai‘)

Vijayadashami is the last day of the ten-day Dasharafeest. The word Dashara is derived from the Sanskrit words dasha (ten) a hara (remove). The festival is also known as Navarathri, (nine nights) because in the first nine days the Divine Mother Durga Devi worshiped in its various forms is.

'Devi' stands for the divine power that his fiery form adopted to suppress demonic forces and protect pure forces. When the forces of injustice, immorality and untruth have grown to monstrous proportions and surrender to their deadly dance, when selfishness and self-interest dominate, if people any sense of kindness and compassion have lost, then takes the form of Shakti, the divine principle in its fiery character and focuses on destroying the evil elements. As the goddess in terrible anger kindles to destroy the bad elements, it takes a fearsome form. To vote favorably worship the goddess girls hair with red powder. When the goddess red powder on her feet looks, it is assured that the wicked are overcome and she takes her benevolent form.

During the ten days of Dashara the demons are eradicated. These demons are not actual beings, they symbolize the bad qualities in man. Ravana is the king of the demons. He is depicted with ten heads represent greed, anger, delusions, covetousness, despite, jealousy, thinking, the mind, the will and the ego. Each of us can decide for himself whether he is a Ravana or Rama, depending on its properties.

Rama is the destroyer of bad habits. When he destroyed these bad qualities, He took his fiery, passionate form. But even his fiery nature is connected with its pure serene nature, so we can see at the moment when he drove off Ravana's ten heads are compassion and love even. It was the only way Ravana could be freed.

Therefore, the last day of Vijayadashami Dasharafeest: Victory on the tenth day '. It is the day that is celebrated Rama returned after he had vanquished Ravana and Sita recovered. On this day, the story of Rama stepped up and told.

In the state of Maharashtra is celebrated at the end of every-day Vijayadashami Simollanghanfeest, crossing the boundaries of the village. As night falls, the villagers go beyond the boundaries of the village as the Shamiboom[1] worship. The leaves of the tree are given as gifts to neighbors and gold leaves, a symbol of the victory spoils. In earlier times, kings used it Dasharafeest to cross the borders of their empire and war against neighboring kingdoms war. This crossing of the border was known as 'Simollanghan'. As previously Dashara also marked the beginning of the war season.

[1] Acacia polyacantha, medicinale boom, o.a. used for snake bites and repelling pests




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28 September 1835: the birth day of Shirdi Sai Baba

The birth story of Shirdi Sai Baba.

From a speech by Sathya Sai Baba. Translation: ‘Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai‘, by Satrughna

After Sathya Sai Baba has told how the ferryman woman Devagiriamma by Shiva and Parvati is blessed with the promise that Shiva will be her third child was born, He continues:

‘…..After a year Devagiriamma became pregnant again. The child then grew in her belly, was no ordinary child. It was the Lord of the universe, God himself, worshiped by gods like Brahma, Indra one anderen. The process by which God enters into the womb can not be compared with the conception of ordinary people. This process is called "the illusion of Vishnu '.

Birth and detachment

After two months of pregnancy was confirmed Devagiriamma. With the passage of time, a divine glow on the face of the mother, because the Lord, that the universe within itself, in her belly was. In the meantime Gangabhavadya an intense desire was to leave everything behind and search for the divine couple. The ninth month was come, and everyone waited anxiously for the birth of the child, but the desire of her husband Gangabhavadya for worldly things became less. Even before the sun rises, the darkness is dispelled. In the same way,, even before the avatar has descended, the darkness of ignorance dispelled and enters the radiant glow of detachment and wisdom within.

Gangabhavadya called his wife and said,: "I want to go to the forest to meditate. My heart longs to see the Lord. How long can someone hold this worldly life? As long as I'm immersed in this there is no end to the cycle of attachment. Therefore, I will now leave and penance. "Devagiriamma, who was very devoted, bow at his feet and said,: "My lord, it is not for me to read the lesson, but I wish to make a humble request. Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva do us a favor granted. God himself will come when our third child. Why would you go to the forest and do not wait until you can see him here in our son? Please think. "" It's true what you say,'Replied Gangabhavadya, "Lord Shiva will be born in human form as my son. He will be in a secular form and come into his true form. The greatest reward for me is to see in its true form, the Lord and that is not possible as long as I continue to lead the family life. Knowledge of the Absolute is therefore a necessity and that is why I go to the forest. "After he had said that he had all the attachments, and set off.

Because Devagiriamma a devoted wife was she thinking: "The husband is God, the spouse must have been God. "She renounced everything and although she could move forward but hard she followed her husband. Besides God there was nothing in their minds. Home, possession, children, nothing came more into them. They gave everything to God, their goal was.

They walked for a long time until they had reached a secluded place. It got Devagiriamma labor. "For those who have no, God is the refuge. "She had no one to help her, except the Lord in her womb.

On 28 September 1835 was the Lord, who drove the milk ksheerodharashai, born without pain in response to their prayers. It was a bright and beautiful child. As soon as she saw her son, she thought of the saying "the husband comes in the form of a son. '" Why should not I take care of this son, God himself is?"But immediately she realized that it was her duty to follow it indeed worshiped as God her husband. Because her son Lord Shiva himself was, they did not worry to worry about him. Determined, she wrapped the child in a cloth, looked at him with all the love that was in her, and left him. Gangabhavadya was so detached that he was not even looking at his son. He rushed to the forest, followed closely by Devagiriamma.

It was a Monday, the favorite day of Lord Shiva.

Babu grows with Mr. and Mrs. Patel

In the village Pathri attended a Sufi fakir, a Muslim Patel was called the. It was the end of the ninth month, de vastenmaand Ramadan. On this day Muslims gratitude taking a bath, wear new clothes, bow to Allah and pray to him. They also celebrate the Eid. Patel went along with his wife on a bullock cart to a neighboring village to celebrate this feast. Along his wife asked him to stop, so she could do her need. Then she went behind a bush down, there she found to her surprise, a newborn baby, wrapped in a cloth. She looked around but saw no, So she lifted him happy and brought him to her husband. Because they had no children himself and Mrs Patel was past her childbearing, They were overjoyed that their God had given this baby, but they knew not that he was divine. That knowledge is only granted to a few of God's grace.

They took care of the child and called him Babu. Babu grew up to be a happy boy who loved to play with his peers and excelled everywhere.’

-Want to read more? Bestel nu het boek ‘Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai‘, the biography of Shirdi Sai Baba in Dutch-

[1] literal: neerdaling. God on earth incarneert, usually in human form

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Blessing of Shirdi Sai Baba-1

If you pronounce my name with love

I will fulfill all your wishes

and your commitment to increase.

If you sincerely sings my life

I will take, behind you and beside you are,

because if you're heart and soul attached to me,

you will feel happy when they hear these stories.

Believe me, if you chant my divine play,

I will give you infinite joy

and bestow everlasting satisfaction.

It is my special characteristic that I will free you

if you surrender completely to me,

worships Me faithfully,

I always keep in mind

and constantly meditate on Me.

How can there still be room for worldly things and feelings?

I will snatch from the jaws of death.

If you listen to my stories,

You will all disappear diseases.

Listen So with respect to,

meditate on it and make it your own,

that is the way to happiness and contentment.

Your pride and selfishness will disappear,

your mind will unwind

and if you believe with all your heart in me

and relies on Me,

you'll be one with the supreme consciousness.

All only keep in mind my name

als ‘Sai, Sai '

will be sufficient for your errors

of speech and hearing



Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba-

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Blessing of Shirdi Sai Baba 2

In your house will never be a shortage of food or clothing,

because if you worship me with all your heart

and your thoughts are always focused on me,

I constantly watch over your welfare.

Krishna said the same thing in the Bhagavad Gita.

Point your reason not too much on clothing and food:

if you need anything, then ask God.

Do not be misled by honor,

respect and status,

say goodbye worldly fame

and try to get the grace and blessing of God

so you will be honored at his court.

The form of God you worship

must be firmly rooted in your mind.

So let all your senses and thoughts

continually focused on serving God.

Think always of me

so you're not distracted by anything else,

like your body, possession or house.

Then you will always calm, peaceful and free from anxiety,

that is the characteristic of man that is well matched

and is in good company.

If your mind wanders

your attention is not absorbed in the divine.


Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba-

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