The marble statue of Shirdi Sai Baba is finished!

After a long time of carving, sanding and polishing finally the marble statue of Shirdi Sai Baba is finished. If you are not aware how I came to carve this statue, read the story here (under the heading 'First Edition').

The idol is 1 meter high and will be inaugurated this summer by Swami Gopala Krishna Baba.

English: After a preparation of 17 years, translating the Sri Sai Satcharitra in Dutch and a lot of training in sculpting, the marble statue of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba I was asked to carve by Swami Gopala Krishna is finished.

The statue is 1 metre tall and will be inaugurated by Gopal Baba this summer.

marble Shirdi Sai Baba statue-carving finished

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Shirdi Sai Baba plants trees

A newly planted but drying out apple tree in my garden reminded me of the following story of Shirdi Sai Baba:

Dried trees


Purandare loved Baba as himself. When Baba suffered from something, he felt the pain in his own heart. It grieved him that Baba had to walk in the blazing sun to the Chávadi building or Lendi garden every day. With great difficulty, he hauled a few saplings from Mumbai, he wanted to plant them along the path so that Baba could walk in the shade. But Baba forbade him to plant them, and within three days the trees hung limp. Purandare was very sad when he saw them in that condition. Baba, who obviously knew, lovingly called Purandare and asked if he still wanted to plant them, but he replied that the trees had completely dried out. "That doesnt matter," said Baba, "Don't worry. Plant them anyway, even though they are dried. I will give them life. "Purandare planted them with dedication. They were blessed with the rain of Baba's grace and began to grow. ' Baba is almighty,' Purandare thought. Even today you can see these trees in Shirdi.

I used to think this was one of Baba's many miracles, until I read the story of an Austrian peasant revolutionary, Sepp Holzer. In his book Holzer's Permaculture’ he tells how he discovered as a child that desiccated trees without leaves begin to take root again. He explains how his "shock method works:

Holzer's shock method

tree planting‘… Later I on the basis of this experience, my shock method’ developed. It is an emergency measure to bare-root anyway transplanting trees with a poorly developed root system, even if they are already in full leaf, bloom or bear fruit. I put the trees to begin in the sun and let the leaves wither. The roots must of course be covered, because they can not tolerate sun. For that I use wet burlap sacks. In order to dry the leaves quickly, should be no water trees. The jute bags ensure that the roots do not dry out, but do not provide sufficient water for the leaves.

After a day or two the leaves are dried up, and the trees can be planted in their new place. And I add them again no water. The only protection they get is a layer of mulch, to keep the soil moist. On the Krameterhof I can not give all the trees water; there is no start.

Trees have been planted by this method quickly develop new, fibrous roots, which they can absorb water and nutrients back. They may be the earlier, lean period endured because they have no leaves and fruits that they should provide more. However, when I a tree with leaves and fruits would not water plants and would give, then it would use all his energy to keep its leaves. The roots were hungry and the tree would grow thereby go bad – as the dat ever doen al zou. Such a tree is like a cut flower: getting plenty of water, but can hardly save themselves. The trees, according to my shock method’ treated, however, focus on the development of their root system and run again only when they have the energy for it. Such trees are so educated to lead an independent life.

According to this method, I have over the years planted thousands of trees. For example, from nurseries I bought very cheap remnants on, that would otherwise simply shredded or burned, and then planted them according to this' shock method’ from me. In my experience, the best place, the space between the raised beds. There gathers most of the moisture causing the trees quickly recuperate.

Two or three years later, the trees are so well developed that I can stick them with a root ball and replant or sell. For example, an experience from my childhood for good business care.’

from: Sepp Holzer- Holzer's permacultuur

Ignorance and miracles

On my own apple trees I've applied by removing all drying leaves, there watering though no more help. Indeed, no additional water the trees began to turn new leaf and double strong comeback. I knew that trees after 24 June locust lots can create, but this is so when planting trees verdrogende.

This story made me realize that we all too soon expect a miracle, but the real main concern is to break the ignorance. Alone with his deeper understanding and greater knowledge Shirdi Sai Baba could bring this fact. And perhaps this is not the case with all the miracles? Would not all of these cases involve a transcendent insight, which Shirdi Baba the disease took away, the dedicated protected or his blessing did come down?

The Indian Wisdom, en Sai033 floral water Baba taught his devotees nothing, teaches us time and again that we allow to stay on the level of our consciousness the illusion of Mayan, while essentially Divine Consciousness: We are the Atma.

If our own limited sense his hold on the restricted state is released and allows the vibrational energy goes to our actual, Actual Situation Awareness, than likely all those things that we now describe as miracles, happen to us as a natural expression of our Divine Self.

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Gurupurnima: Guru and disciple

On Monday the 22 July 2013 is Gurupurnima: the day the Guru is honored. In the village of Shirdi it was Shirdi Sai Baba himself who gave rise to the celebration of this feast:

The first celebration of Gurpurnima in Shirdi

Sai in Chavadi

Baba called Dada Kelkar and told him,: ' Today is Gurupurnima. Hold the gurupuja." None of those present knew this ritual to honor the guru. Kelkar asked Baba what gurupuja meant and response Baba asked him: "Who do you think is a guru? It is not the superiors of monasteries that gurus are, even monks are no gurus, God alone is the guru.

‘Gurur Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwara!’

He is the supreme bliss, the giver of divine bliss, the embodiment of the highest knowledge of unit, one that transcends all dualities. He is the supreme divine preceptor. By guru is Brahma, He is Vishnu, He is Maheshwara and the highest absolute. Betoon this divine teacher's highest honor. The true guru is one who the three forms of the trinity within itself, the three divine aspects of creation, maintenance and dissolution. Hence, only God is the true guru. " Sai feet (cropped)

When hearing this Kelkar, he asked: "Would I Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva to worship?"Immediately said Baba made angry tone: 'He shaitan! Here I am! Worship Me!"With this, he said that he Brahma, Vishnu en Shiva was. Later he said,: "Honor the creation as mine and mine alone." Because all creation originated from God, it is made of and imbued with divine energy and consciousness. Sai Baba devotees are consequently contributed to the whole of creation as divine consciousness experienced by Lord Sai seen in all. Everyone present knew that Baba was an incarnation of God himself. As Baba Dada Kelkar had made a start with the worship of the guru in Shirdi.

Shirdi Sai Baba on his own guru

Shirdi Sai Baba, there is no difference between the Guru and God. The Guru is God-with-form, it's that simple. Occasionally he told about his own relationship to his Guru, he his murshad named:

Shirdi Sai Baba with son of Khaparde

'Ik had een guru, he was a great saint, vol mededogen. For twelve years I served him, but he never wanted me whisper a mantra. I had a deep desire to always be with him and to serve him; My heart's desire was that I would get an initiation from him at least. But he did not. He let shave my head and asked for two anna as a gift. You might wonder: as my guru was perfect, why would he ask for money, and how could you call him without desires? My answer is that he has never given money. What he had thus? Those two cents had a deeper meaning. Was the first penny for a firm belief and the second for patience and perseverance. I immediately offered to him these two.

For twelve years I gave myself to my guru. He educated me and there was no lack of food and clothing. He was full of love, No, he was the love itself. How can I describe? He loved most of my. A guru if he is rare. I looked at him, He seemed lost in meditation, and then we were both immersed in happiness. Day and night I stared at him, without a single thought of hunger and thirst. If he was not there, I felt restless. Apart from him there was nothing which I meditated and there was nothing else that caught my attention early, just my guru. He was my only refuge, My mind was always fixed on him. Without even being touched by something, I served my guru always with courage and perseverance, and that was all he wanted from me. He never neglected me, but protected me every moment. I lived with him and although I sometimes stayed elsewhere, I never felt the absence of his love. My guru granted me his gaze full of grace and took care of me, just as the turtle her boy on the other side feeds her look. By his grace I have become what I am today. Furthermore, he has never given me a dedication. How can I give you a? Wish no initiation, no one. If you are so fortunate, it will surely be given.’

Meditate on the form of the guru

006a-baba-steen"Concentrate your mind and meditate in the form of the chosen deity or the shape that you see before you. If you do, I will keep my eyes focused on you and protect you, wherever you may be. In this mosque, I never speak untruth.

There is no spiritual exercise or skill needed; besides believe you need perseverance and dedicated zeal. Then you will surely reach the Paramatma, the spiritual purpose of life. Be confident that your guru everything for you. Why would not repeat his name, why would you want another name of God questions? If the guru is God, if you carry out his orders and walks the path he has shown you, is as effective as repeating the name of God. Then you can achieve anything. "

The care of the guru

Another time he told:

"My guru took me to a source and hung me upside down there on the branch of a banyan tree, three feet above the water, then he left and came back hours later. Then he took me out of the tree and asked how I was doing. I replied: "I was in an unspeakable, highest state of happiness. How can words describe the experience of bliss?"When he heard my answer, was my guru delighted, He pulled me close to her and kept me with him.

Shirdi Sai Baba and devotees 2

My guru made with so much love for me, I can not describe it. Immersed in nectar, I even forgot my parents. I could not second off him. I was thrilled when I looked at him and it always sorry when I had to close my eyes. I could not find anything in this world that was bigger than my guru, He seemed to be everything to me. How lucky I was that I had found such a guru! ‘

"Anyone can be a follower, but that is not the case with a student. An apprentice is someone who commands the guru unconditionally performs. The characteristic of the student's total devotion to the teacher. Only the one who says' I have no one in the world except the guru is a student. To what extent do you have my orders respected? That you have earned that you can call yourself my apprentice? Only the one who follows me like a shadow, can say that he is my disciple. The disciple is one who prays to the Lord, where he is also. That's the big difference between a student and a follower. The student and the guru are like two bodies with one mind. The student should have no sense of separateness from the guru. He should feel "you and I are one." Such students do not exist in this world. There are millions of followers, but not students. "

Seva as a way to enlightenment

Shirdi Sai Baba colored umbrella

Shirdi Sai Baba shows clearly that the Guru in all makes for the student, as a mother. But the relationship is certainly not one-sided: He emphasized time and again that the student teacher should. The Guru resides at such a level of consciousness that he is not a second cares about the welfare of his body, to eat, bezit of comfort. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain this temple of wisdom, just like a dedicated temple keeps clean where he performs his devotional duties. It is this Seva for the student to highway lighting.

Then he gave Nana Chandorkar once explanation of a portion of the Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV, to 34), Baba zei:

‘Pariprashna does not ask the right questions. It involves many more aspects, as your intent and purpose of your question. You do not want to provoke the guru in the fall, try to catch errors in the reply or approaching from idle curiosity. Ask the Guru, the embodiment of wisdom, with real hunger to know in order to destroy the doubt that is in the gut, with the aim of obtaining liberation or spiritual progress. Question of interest, dedication, humility and willingness to learn. That is why the sage Vyasa equal as a preposition used in prashna.

Baba: 'In its, what kind its (service) is meant?’

Nana: "Just, service, what we always do for you. "

Baba: "Is it enough just to provide such services?’

Nana: "I do not know what else is meant by the word 'seva'. '

Baba: ‘Nana, that is not servitude! Something to do if you want and leave if you do not want is selfish. True seva do not you with the feeling that you are free to provide the service or to refuse. You should feel that you are the master of your body are not, but it exists because of the guru only, to serve him without even a trace of selfishness. You would have to surrender yourself to the guru, and completely at any time, with the feeling that this body is not yours. True service is that you have no individual existence, that is the best kind of servitude. Instead of simple servants you would be the best servants. Do you understand?’

Nana bleef style one knikte.

Swami Gopala Krishna

swami-gopala-krishnaMy own guru, SWami Gopala Krishna Father, Stay in Bangalore, in India. It has too long before I realized that the inner band that I so often clearly visible, is not restricted to his attention, love and care for me. It is also my job to make my seva to Swami. Even though there is a large physical distance, I can still focus on my well-being and welfare. Through this seva the mutual bond is strengthened, and I vote me better to him.

‘Bliss is my food’

‘Bliss is my food’: Sathya Sai Baba used to sing it, and I never understood it so well. Perhaps still does not. But in 2004 kwam Swami Gopala Krishna naar Nederland. At one point I found him alone and told him: ‘Swami, We are all so glad you're here.’ He looked at me and said, 'Your Bliss is my food’ (You feeling of supreme happiness is my food). Apparently something happens very important in the energy exchange between student and guru when both are fully aligned. The energy is not unidirectional, but a circular movement that encourages both. Of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa I understand that the Master also needs pupils. While it is clear that the pupil of the master needs.

Maybe there are people who can not understand and appreciate this as morbid dependency. I understand, of course,. It is important here to realize that a true enlightened master the ego has long since transcended. Even though he does occasionally for human, with all the bad habits, ailments and behavior almost like a normal person, every once in a while he lets the observant viewer notice that this is absolutely not the case. A self-realized master is one with the Divine Consciousness. There is no difference between the drop and the ocean from which he emerged, no difference between individual consciousness and Comprehensive Cosmic Consciousness.

The beginning of this story joint is formed by a period of intensive testing of the pupil by the Guru, Guru and the disciple. If you want to read more about it, There is a whole chapter devoted to it in the book ‘Zeven dagen Shirdi Sai‘.

The guru of Shirdi Sai Baba was called Venkusa. If you want to read more about him, download here the book ‘Sri Sai Gurucharitra‘ in pdf of epub (English). In the book Zeven dagen Shirdi Saiis also the story of Shirdi Sai Baba’s birth, youth and time at his Guru.

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Offer your vasanas and your vritti's to Baba

-by Satrughna-

A purely human energy flows freely. Vritti are swirls, disturbances in this energy. These lead to vasanas: unwanted behavior patterns, Jammers.

A purely human energy flows freely. Vritti are swirls, disturbances in this energy. These lead to vasanas: unwanted behavior patterns, Jammers.

“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”
-Jalal ad-Din Rumi-

Slowly I begin to understand how small and large traumas from earlier in this life and past lives (Vasan's) continue working as jammers in your present life, because you are the swirling effects (vritti’s) carries in the physical-energetic complex that your bodies are together. At the oddest moments, usually if you're not invented, crosses one of those old messages on its head and makes you weird react to a situation: anxiety, anger, grief, attention-, the boss to play, headache, stomach ache, disease and so on. The moment you start asking yourself why you are doing so more and react to a situation (respond is the key word here) you can be sure that one of those old pieces ie vasanas is.

I have a fellow trainer must learn how to clear up these personal jammers work in recent years. In short, it means that you do not need to know what's really going on. The mere fact that you realize that something needs to be cleaned up and that you focus on it is actually enough. However, often it helps tremendously when you swirl, emotional or physical pain or cramping can feel inner, because it helps you to really stay focused until you feel it. Without that sense matching your mind wander off very soon. I do not know how it works, but in one way or another, the problem is solved for me when I sit patiently for yourself. It's not something that I do myself, at least.

This work has been in recent years one of my main projects. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out that it's time to mess to clean up! One of my other projects is the book about Shirdi Sai Baba. Now I read it again recently and found to my surprise a piece that explains precisely how this process of clearing is. Baba explains that the provision of all your negative tendencies, your old jammers and unrest to Him you will gradually purify. For the interested reader, I have the relevant piece shown below.

ChickpeasIn chapter 24 of Sri Sai Satcharita tells the author, Hemadpant, how Baba an indelible lesson taught him by a joke. Baba left many roasted chickpeas appear in the folds of Hemadpants sleeve, and told everyone it was because Hemapant had been to the market. "I know how it goes, you buy peas and you have the bad habit of eating alone. "Hemadpant protested that he had not been to the market that day, and he had the good habit to always share his food with others. But Baba did not agree!

“You share food with anyone in your neighborhood. But what do you do when you're alone? What can I still do? Do you still with me? I'm not next to you? You offer me some of it to? So he used the pretext of peas and he left a deep impression on Hemadpant this principle.

offerBaba zei: “Before you think, your mind and your other senses from their objects enjoy, think of me first, so they are to me gradually a sacrifice. The senses can never remain without their objects, but when you first offered these objects to the Guru, attachment to it will disappear. If you desire something, then long for me alone. If you are angry, ventilate your anger than me. Offer me your pride and stubbornness. Just be devoted to Me. Whenever desire, anger and pride stand strong in your, make me the target you aim them. In this way, the Lord will help you in eradicating all swirls (vritti’s), one by one. The Lord (Govinda) will certainly be the strong waves of the three poisonous qualities soothe. In fact, this disturbed mental state will be absorbed into my form, or will be with me. A state of peace will be yours, at my feet.

If you practice this, desires will be weak, if they are self-, and with the passage of time they will be exterminated root and branch. Your mind will be free from all such tendencies are. Because you know and believe that the Guru is near, you are never disturbed by such trends. Once such a good habit firmly you begin to take root, the bondage of the world will come loose. The shape of the Guru you considering going into any object. Thus desire itself the form of the Guru. If there is the slightest desire for the enjoyment of the objects, and you realize that Baba is near, the question will instantly come to mind whether it is right for the object to enjoy, or not. The object that is wrong for you to enjoy, you will easily be avoided. This way you'll vicious addictions disappear and you'll have an aversion to going to get the unwanted. You'll be ready to obey the rules for control of the senses, mainly as discussed in the Vedas. Then you pleasure objects, according to the rules and you will not have indiscriminate extravagance. When you develop such a habit, are your thoughts about the enjoyment of sense objects weaker. You yearn for the worship of the Guru is growing, and pure knowledge will sprout.

Original photo of Shirdi Sai Baba high resolution

If pure knowledge grows, then you will be bound by body awareness and break your intellect will merge into pure consciousness, leading to infinite bliss. Even though your body is impermanent, it is a means to obtain relief, What is really more desirable than liberation, because it allows us to experience bhakti. This fifth step of obtaining illumination is superior to the other four: kama, artha, dharma en moksha. They can not be compared with bhakti. The gains of bhakti are invaluable.

Someone who accomplishment achieved by serving the Guru, is the implication of this statement fully understand. Only someone who understands the inherent meaning of bhakti, knowledge and detachment will attain enlightenment. Anyone who thinks that the Guru is different from God, is like a man who reads the entire Bhagavata without realizing who God is. Although if someone has read the entire Ramayana, he was unable to understand who was Sita Rama.

Let the vision of duality now loose and awareness into your heart that Guru and God are. The desire for the objects of the senses will be destroyed when you serve the Guru with a pure heart from the root. The mind will be pure and sinless, and you yourself will manifest radiant. So be it.

Therefore offering my nerves, trauma’s, bad karma, fears and whatever Baba Baba ensures that removes all of them. It's like you're the problem or the pain involved in a large silver bowl and puts up tilt as an offering to God. If you feel that the weight is gone, let the scale pockets and you discover that your sacrifice has disappeared.

floral offeringI would rather beautiful flowers and the finest fruits give Him. But the whole creation has been from Him. There is no fruit or flower that was not created by him. If I let go of everything that prevents me from my shining self to be, the flower of love and the fruit of serving God in the form of others should pop up.

It seems wrong to God, our Father and Mother, all my mess, give misery and problems. But it's those things that in fact the only things that keep me and God separately. I just realized: when I was in the place of God, I would not want the same for my beloved child? I would like it to its full potential lives, and let go of all those things that 'segregation' us. In reality, of course, never a divorce. This I am happy to have all my traumas and negative characteristics to let go realizing, without knowing where they came from or where they go.

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The idol of Sai Baba in Shirdi

The story of the sculptor

-collected by Satrughna-

Baba imageLooking for stories about Shirdi Sai Baba in the book "Seven Days Shirdi Sai ', I found the story below on the internet.

It tells how more than 30 years after Shirdi Sai Baba passed away from this world, He may be accompanied by his devotees still seen, as their love, devotion and faith is strong enough. One of the reasons why it appealed to me, especially because I have so many recognizable. It is the story of a sculptor, and I myself sculptor am, are many aspects of this story and work trust me. Even the subject of the image. As some readers know, I collect these stories about Shirdi Sai Baba as part of my spiritual practice. I would like to get to know Him better, so my commitment to grow in Him. Want in 1997, a long time ago now, Swami Gopala Krishna asked me to also make a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba. Therefore, the events in this story give me a lot of support. Faith and the surrender of Talim are an inspiration to me. When we cry 'in despair Baba!’, He replies: ' Yes!"Baba's help and guidance is always there, and if our faith is strong, He answered that, and so blow the spark into a blazing fire.

Finally, we can still Baba's game at work in this story, as he himself makes for a beautiful block of marble!

Something about the creative process

plaster model of the Shirdibeeld

Plaster model of the Shirdibeeld

As we can see in the pictures, the sculptor begins with making a clay model he then casts in plaster. This plaster cast is then used as the basis for measurement, which are transferred one by one. For every point it measures, put a dot on the plaster sculptor. Hence the plaster models are always dotted and freckled look. For vulnerable parts allows the sculptor are always a support, so it can not break through vibrations in the cutting and polishing. That support, he gets only at the very last road. This was precisely the problem with the image of Shirdi Sai Baba, as we will see below,.

The carving of the Shirdibeeld

The dots of the copying on the plaster model of the image

The dots of the copying on the plaster model of the image

The idol of Sai Baba in Shirdi, that so many have been deeply touched, was unveiled at 7 October 1954, Vijayadashamidag, 36 years after the passing of Shirdi Sai Baba.

In 1952 a block of white Italian marble was delivered at the port of Bombay, but for whom it was intended, or why, was anyone's guess. Because no one claimed, was auctioned by the port authorities and the buyer then gave it as a gift to the Foundation Shirdi Sai in Shirdi.

The Foundation was impressed by the quality of Italian marble and decided to use a picture of Sai Baba. That's why they gave the sculptor Balaji Vasantrao Talim from Bombay formidable task to produce the image.

Balaji Talim carving the Shirdi Sai Baba statueTalim ordered tools tailored to blacksmiths and carpenters and began making a clay model. But it was Balaji difficult to make without knowing the precise details of the face of Baba a good likeness, because he is black and white photographs of Baba where he could go from.

Therefore, he began to pray and said: "If Sri Sai Baba appeared to me while I make this, this statue will be worthy and the devotees will feel feelings of devotion. "

And so it happened that one morning, Balaji when seven o'clock came in his studio, before he had turned the light switch, there was a bright white light in the studio to see. Baba had appeared in the light, and gave him the spot darshan[1] in the studio. Baba said he knew Talims problems and showed him his face from different angles, and encouraged Talim to study it thoroughly and well to remember. That was all the encouragement Talim needed and then went to work smoothly and easily and the result exceeded all expectations.

Balaji Talim told this later against the holy Narayan Sai Baba Baba himself what had led him to the carving of the image and how he could clearly hear the divine voice that led him to Baba at every stage.

The Foundation approved the Shirdi Sai Baba immediately clay model of good, and this was also the base from which the marble statue of Sai Baba would be cut.

A miracle

The problem area at the foot

The problem area at the foot

In 1954 was marble statue of Sai Baba almost ready. Balaji Talim was with his staff the image to the finishing and polishing. He was about to remove the support between the left knee and right foot, when he was a bubble in the marble found there. It looked dangerous, because there was a chance that the whole piece with the base would come down, making the entire image would be damaged, and a damaged image could not be used for worship. Therefore, the work stopped, For Balaji Talim hesitated to take the hammer and chisel. He feared that the entire image would be destroyed and all his work and time for nothing. He became nervous and prayed to Baba: 'Baba, have mercy on me. Your image is ready. Alstublieft Baba, have mercy on me. "

Carving of the Shirdi statueAt that moment he heard a voice inside that answered: ‘Balaji, Continue. "Therefore Balaji gave its employees commissioned to go and chiselling the connection path, but they refused, because they were afraid that the whole foot would fall. Eventually Balaji took quite nervous myself chisel and hammer, and while he prayed Baba, help me’, He gave a little tap. To his great surprise came only the connector loose, and spent the rest of Baba's image intact. When he saw that, tears rolled down his cheeks, and he bowed to Baba, started dancing and handed out candy to everyone, because he had experienced such a wonderful miracle of Baba.

The 1m65 high finished image of Sai Baba was carried ceremoniously through the village. It was so real that devotees like Swami Ananda Sai Shara and Lakshmibai, that Baba had personally known, felt that Baba had come back in the form of the image alive. Op Vijayadashamidag 7 October 1954 this was real life marble statue of Sai Baba Swami Ananda Sai Shara revealed with all the rituals, on the stage behind the tomb of Shirdi Sai Baba, in de samadhi Mandir in Shirdi.

During the work on the image of Sai Baba Baba appeared one day and said to Balaji Talim: "Finish the job and you'll be in the future, never having to make a picture." So Talim has never since created an image, and finally blew up 25 december 1970 his last breath, 82 years old.

[1] darshan: the blessing that emanates from experiencing the presence of a saint

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New: e-books in ePub format

Kakasaheb Dixit's DiaryThis website has now been expanded to include a number of e-books in ePub format.

It concerns the following titles:


*Sri Sai Satcharitra.epub. The famous biography of Shirdi Sai Baba by Hemadpant, in English

*Sri Sai Gurucharitra.epub. A short biography of Shirdi Sai Baba and his guru Venkusa, by Das Ganu Maharaj, in English

*Sri Gurucharitra.epub. The biography of the incarnations of Dattatreya: Sripad Sri Narasimha Saraswati Srivallabh en, in English

*Sai Baba over karma.epub. Diepzinninge a treatise of Shirdi Sai Baba to his pupil Nanasaheb Chandorkar, about karma and how to escape this. Dutch: download direct or read it online on this website

*The Shirdi Diary by G.S. Khaparde.epub Dadasaheb Khaparde Shirdi's poignant diary, in English: -to download page-

*The Diary of Kakasaheb Dixit.epub. The (short) Shirdi diary of Kakasaheb Dixit, in English: -to download page-

For more details and to download the downloadpagina, where you'll find the link to the original pictures.

Of course, all these books there also be downloaded in pdf.

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New: original photos

Dutch flagI've added a new page:

‘Original photos of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’.

This page contains all known original pictures me of Shirdi Sai Baba, and a number of reproductions of paintings. The photos can be viewed in a slideshow and, for lovers, Also download (if you scroll down).

If you're one of those photos in a higher quality, or a picture that I have not, then please send me that!


I have added a new page:

‘Original photos of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’.

This page contains all of the original photos of Shirdi Sai Baba known to me, and some reproductions of paintings. The photos can be viewed in a slideshow, and, for devotees, downloaded as well (after scrolling down).

Should you happen to have one of these in a higher quality or one that I didn’t publish here, please send it to me!

sai baba on stone the best2

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